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the answer is that is easier to order the mugs themselves preprinted as they have to be special cup and requires special and costly equipment to make this all possible. I'm looking at the same thing and have found very good pricing on preprinted mugs.

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โˆ™ 2007-12-26 07:39:32
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Q: How do you transfer a printed image onto a coffee cup?
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How do you transfer a printed image onto ivory?

Here's a site on all the how-to-do for your question:*

How do you transfer photo onto material?

You need to buy transfer paper from a stationary shop. Make sure you get the right one for your printer (inkjet/laser). It has instructions on the packet but basically once you have printed onto it you cut out the image and iron it onto the fabric. You usually have to handwash it. You can machine wash it but it looks rubbish after a few washes.

Where can one have a photo printed on to a coffee mug?

One can have a photo printed onto a coffee mug by ordering a personalized mug from one of the many websites offering that service, like VistaPrint or Zazzle.

What does image scanner do?

The bar code reader is special type of image scanner. Image scanners convert any printed image into electronic form by shining light onto the image and sensing the intensity of the light’s reflection at every point.

How can you take a picture and put it on a t-shirt?

you take special transfer paper (what you print the image on), and then iron the image from there onto the fabric. its simple.

How can staticelectrisity be used in printers?

A laser printer uses a laser-beam that projects an image of the page to be printed onto an electrically charged rotating drum.

Custom Mouse Pad - How do they make them?

They print off an image onto a piece of heat transfer paper then apply that image to the mouse pad using both pressure and heat for a short period of time. Then they peel the transfer paper off and the image is left onto the mouse pad. Theres also a sublimation technique that's very similar except they use special ink that transfers over to the mouse pad without the need for the transfer paper.

What is an image which can be projected onto a screen is called?

It is called a real image. Only a real image can be projected onto a screen.

How can you make your own computer mouse pad?

Print your design as a mirror image on a fabric transfer paper and iron it onto a blank mousepad.

Is there some way to print a picture from a normal printer and then graft it onto a hat so it has that design?

Iron-on transfers are special sheets of paper that can be used to transfer a printed image to fabric using a clothes iron. Note that this requires you to fold the paper to the hat's form, and preferably to have a support for the hat's inner shape when doing this.

Transfer disc photos on to computer?

how to transfer a photo disc onto printer so i can print how to transfer a photo disc onto printer so i can print

What is then pressed onto paper to transfer the image?

The block that has the ink on it. You put the ink on a carved surface of a block (it might not actually be carved, but it'll have grooves or bumps on it of some kind that make up the image) and then press the block onto the paper. That way, the ink on the bumps or in the grooves will end up on the paper, but not the rest - leaving a mirror copy of the image. Printing is fun, isn't it?

Can a image formed by a plane mirror be projected onto a screen?

no, an image formed by a plane mirror cannot be projected onto a screen.

What is a sentence using the word transfer?

I am going to transfer this design onto that shirt with a decal. I'm going to transfer onto another bus in two more stops.

What is the difference between mylar paper and transfer paper?

Mylar vs. TransferMylar is not a paper. It is more closely related to acetate. Although you can buy different gauges of acetate, generally mylar is heavier and used for a multitude of things. Tranfer paper, on the otherhand, is used to accept an image through a copying or printing technique using special inks for adhesion. The printed side is a mirrored image of the original art. When it is applied to the receiving element (like a t-shirt) the image is transferred in its' original appearance.Do you remember the little houses at Christmas time with the lights inside and the shiny paper used as windows? That's what mylar is like. transfer paper has a rough kind of surface & comes in a multitude of colors to transfer a design onto a surface for say, to paint or do needlepoint. You can get transfer paper at Michaels or Joann fabrics.

Why is your coffee mate creamer curdling in your coffee?

You did not stir it right. Pour water onto the sugar coffee and coffee mate and make a paste first

What is a digital image?

Digital imaging is the art of making digital images – photographs, printed texts, or artwork - through the use of a digital camera or image machine, or by scanning them as a document. Each image is compiled of a certain amount of pixels, which are then mapped onto a grid and stored in a sequence by a computer. Every pixel in an image is given a tonal value to determine its hue or

How are tributaries made?

They are typed and printed onto newspapers. XD

Can a virtual image be projected onto a screen?


Can you transfer xbox messages to a flash drive?

You cannot transfer messages onto a flash drive because they are saved onto your account and not your 360.

Where is the image form in a camera lens?

The light burns an image in the shutter onto the film.

How can one create a disk image recovery package for their computer?

You can create a disk image recovery package by having a means to put all of your files onto a disk. You have to make a boot-able disk and transfer all of the files over to said disk.

How do you transfer images onto shoes?

Use liquitex, or iron it on with transfer paperLiquitex

Can you transfer items from Pokemon heartgold onto Pokemon black?

You can transfer Pokemon but not items.

What does scale to fit do in Excel?

It can rescale a worksheet so that it fits onto a printed page. The worksheet itself does not change, but the way it prints on the page can be made smaller so that it can be printed onto one page.