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How do you transfer data from one flash drive to another one?


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To transfer information from a flash drive to another flash drive the information must be uploaded to a computer from flash drive A then uploaded from the computer to flash drive B.

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Physically carry the flash drive from computer to computer.

transferring data such as music or pictures from your computer to your flash drive

The easiest way to transfer files from an Xbox hard drove to another without losing data is to buy a hard drive transfer kit or transfer cable. It will connect the two hard drives and transfer the files directly. It is also possible to transfer the files by using a flash drive.

A flash drive is essentially a pocket sized hard drive. It is about the size of your thumb and fits into a USB port. Flash drives are typically used to transfer data from one computer to another (i.e. from work to home).

Use a flash drive, and make sure there isn't any data on it

Put a flash drive in your ps3 system, go to the data you want to copy, press triangle, click copy then select the flash drive. WARNING: after you copy the data to another system you will not be able to earn trophies for that game file on that data.

put CD in computer. let load then open file from computer. copy and paste all data. plug in flash drive open to the space it contain. place data in.

Flash drives are for anyone who needs the ability to transfer data quickly from one PC to another. I use a flash-drive to update my main computer with anything I've been using my lap-top for.

use a jumper drive or an external drive

How fast can a SATA drive transfer data?

you save it to a memory card and then to another hard drive

A flash drive can hold data forever as long as you don't delete it off the drive.

1. Insert flash drive. 1. Put a blank CD in burner. 3. Open burning software. ex. Nero. 4. Choose "Burn Data CD" option. 5. When asked to select data to be burnt to disc, select flash drive contents.

External. An internal hard drive would be any hard drive built into a computer, that cannot be easily removed and transported to another computer. External hard drives can be easily moved and in the case of flash drives, can be used for temporary data storage and transfer.

Insert the flash drive into the USB port on your computer. An Icon should appear in your System Tray. Open the icon or right click and click "explore." This should open up a browser that shows what is on the drive. To load the drive with a file, simply "drag" the file into the browser. Or you can open the file and click "Save As" and then find the flash drive in the save to location box and click "save." To transfer a file from the flash drive to another computer, follow the same steps as above. Open the browser for the drive and drag the file from the browser onto the desktop.

transfer the data wich u want to transfer in ur pen drive,,,then plug in the pen drive in the PC in wich u want to transfer and then copy the data into the PC...

There are many ways to transfer data. It really depends on what you're transferring and where to. One option would be to put it on a USB flash drive or CD-R and physically hand it to the person you're giving the data to. (do not mail it, it will usually corrupt the data) Another option would be e-mailing it. This is useful with smaller files.

USB is not a flash drive. A flash drive is so called because it uses flash memory that retains data with no power.

External HDD can be used as a high capacity flash drives. You can transfer high quantities of data from one computer to another using external HDD.

you would have to remove the harddrive which is actually very easy You CANNOT just transfer the hard drive. The ps3 will format the new hard drive therefore erasing all data on the drive.

The amount of data/information the flash drive can store at one time.

Unless you tell me the current format of your current data, your operating system, and something about your hard drive, I can not tell you how to transfer your data.

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