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how do I transfer music from my mp3 to a cell phone voicemail?

2007-10-11 01:04:39
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How can you transfer ringtones from phone to phone?

through bluetooth, infra red, or MMS

How do you transfer music to your krazr?

Do you mean ringtones? You can use your bluetooth to forward a fellow bluetoothers music to your phone, or you if you mean mp3 you can plug it into your computer and click load now on the screen that pops up, and you can transfer music like that to.

Where can you find free music ringtones on the internet?

Their are many websites that you can find free music ringtones. Most of the cellular phone companies will offer a promotional free ringtones to try out.

Where can you get free ringtones without a phone with web?


How do you get to music on a phone?

on some phones u can go 2 ringtones and it will either say my ringtones or regular ringtones. choose the one that says my ringtones. If your phones doesnt have that then i have no idea.

How do you send ringtones from hotmailcom to your phone?

First save your ringtone in a computer, then use bluetooth or USB cable to transfer it to your phone. Check source if you want to download more ringtones.

How can you download ringtones to your readymobile phone?

btw the phone i hav is a LG Rumor i got through readymobile...i hav ringtone-length music on it in the music pplayer but i dont know how 2 set them as ringtones.

Where can you get free ringtones for your cricket phone that does not have internet?

Sometimes service providers give free trials, or even ringtones to their subscribers. If you can't do that, you can try downloading sound files online, and then transfer them to your phone.

Can you move ringtones from your inbox to your ringtones with the Droid?

If you download the file onto your computer as a music file (.flac file) and then put it in your music library, you can then put download it onto your phone.

How do you get free ringtones are your phone without using internet?

go to

Where can you get free ringtones without making an account? if you go to it on your phone

Where to go for free ringtones without the internet on your phone?

Without the Internet, you can either use the ringtones that come pre-loaded on your phone, or you can find a program to help you make your own, assuming your phone is capable of playing them. For more information, check with the manufacturer of your phone.

How do you transfer music from your old phone to new phone?

You transfer music from your old phone to your new phone is to take your Sim card out of the old phone and put it in the your new phone

How do you get ringtones onto a samsung freeform 2?

Well it depends what mobile carrier you have, but a neat feature is that you can use the music you put on your phone as ringtones!

How do you add music on a Pantech phone?

Go to menu. Then media center. Then tunes and tones. Then my ringtones then get new ringtones. They cost aprox. 2.99

Are there any free ringtones for cell phone that feature holiday music?

There are websites which offer free holiday themed ringtones. is an example of a website with free holiday ringtones.

How do you get ringtones on my phone?

It depends on your phone but usually its under the main tab "Media Center" and the tab "Music and Tones"

Is it possible to transfer downloaded ringtones from one Motorola mobile phone to a newer Motorola mobile phone?

Yes, as long as both Motorola mobile phones are capable of file transfer. See the related questions for instructions on transfering ringtones (and other media) between a mobile phone and another device (like another phone).

How do I put a ringtone on my phone?

Tutorials to put ringtones on cellphones can be found online on sites like wikiHow. The method should be basically the same depending on the phone. A USB data cable is usually what it takes to transfer ringtones from a computer to a phone.

How do you send ringtones from a computer to a cell phone via Bluetooth?

To transfer files (including ringtones) to your phone via Bluetooth, you can use a program called BitPim. A link to BitPim's download page is provided below.

How can you find a good selection of free ringtones for mobile phones?

Many mobile phone companies offer free selections of ringtones, as well as free wallpaper. You can also upload ringtones from I-Tunes and use your own music for ringtones.


There are many places online where you can find free music ringtones. A very good website that offers all free ringtones is Myxer and Funtonia. Myxer offers not only free ringtones but also free wallpaper and lots of other extra goodies for your phone.

Can you transfer music from your phone to your PS3?


How do you send music to your cell phone for free?

There is a website called! Free wallpapers. ringtones. albums and music! Check it out!

How do you put music on a tracfone?

Sorry, you cannot put music on your Tracfone. Although you can buy Ringtones on their mobile website, from your phone.