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I have a MP3 Player as well. MAke sure that you have the software that the MP3 player came with (usually a CD)...Install that to the computer. When it is done installing, plug the cord into your MP3 player, then make sure that the cord that you just plugged into your MP3 player is connected to the area that it can plug in to on your computer.

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Q: How do you transfer music tracks to a PC then transfer them to an MP3 player?
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How can you transfer music from MP3 disc to computer?

use windows media player -> media library -> store tracks...

How do you transfer music from a CD to an MP3 player?

First, you have to rip the CD to your hard drive. You can do that using many applications, such as windows media player. You have to make sure that the application rips the tracks to mp3 files, with a decent quality bit rate. I use 192 kbps. That's kilobytes per second. Then you use your mp3 player software to transfer the files to your mp3 player.

Can you transfer music from a CD to a MP3 player?

Sure, just use Windows Media Player to rip the contents from the CD and transfer it to your MP3 Player.

How do you transfer music from a ps3 to an eclipse mp3 player?

Music can be transfered from a PS3 to an eclipse mp3 player by transfering your music via USB to your computer, and from the computer via USB to your eclipse mp3 player.

Transfer music from PC to mp3?

To transfer music from a PC to an MP3 player, connect the MP3 player to your PC via a USB cable. Locate the music files you wish to transfer on your computer, right click on a song and choose the Move option. Then open the MP3 folder, right click and choose the Paste option.

How can you transfer music from a mp3 player to an ipod?

to transfer music from an mp3 to an iopd you will need itunes which doesnt cost anything. then you wil have to put the music from your mp3 player onto your computer. when you install itunes it will ask you if you want to transfer the music from your computer onto it. click yes then you willl need to sync your ipod to it.

How do you save music from your computer to your mp3?

Plug the MP3 player into a USB port, then open the device and the folder with your music in it - and simply drag & drop the tracks you want on the MP3 player to its folder.

How do you transfer music from PS3 hard drive to mp3 player?

Plug in the MP3 into the PS3 and if the PS recognizes it just copy the files for the HDD to the MP3 player

How do download iTunes music to Sony mp3 player?

By default, iTunes Music uses AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format. You cannot download iTunes music to Sony MP3 Player. To transfer iTunes files or other files to your portable player, you can use a third-party tool like Macsome iTunes Converter. It is able to download iTunes files and Apple Music songs to MP3, so that you can transfer iTunes music to Sony MP3 Player or other devices without limits.

How do you transfer music from iTunes to an MP3 player?

iTunes songs are under DRM protection, You shall firstly remove it then you can transfer then to MP3 Player. And Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate will help.

How do you put music from the mp3 to the iPod?

well you hav to have a usb cord so you can transfer music from your mp3 player to your ipod or...if you dont hav a usb cord buy one form apple so you can transfer music

Can I transfer music files in my computer's iTunes program onto this mp3 device?

You can transfer music files to any mp3 player (unless the files are corrupt) but you cant use iTunes to transfer them. Only iPods work with iTunes.

Can I use a USB stick to transfer songs from my computer to my mp3 player?

Yes, you can. All you'll have to do is put the music on your USB stick, and then plug it along with your MP3 player into any computer. You can then drag the music from the USB stick onto the MP3 player.

How do you transfer music from an mp3 player to a computer?

Transferring music from an MP3 player to a computer may differ depending on what computer system is being used. You will need a computer, MP3 player, USB cable and the correct software for the MP3 player. Connect the MP3 player to the computer using the appropriate USB cable, and click on the 'Computer' icon to locate the MP3 player in 'Devices and Removable Storage.' Open the folder containing the music, highlight the songs you want on the computer and drag them into the computer's music folder.

How do you put your music on a mp3 player fast?

You can either use a memory card and direct transfer it from your PC to your plugged in MP3 player via USB port of your PC. Just copy the file from the folder where the music were saved and paste it in the your music folder (MP3 player folder). Second step is just drag the file to your music folder (MP3 folder). You can even use bluetooth technology but i prefered direct transfer from memory card or USB. if you got limewire or iTunes, you can simply synch the file with your MP3 player or iPod.

How do I get songs from my pc to my mp3 player?

To transfer your tunes to a variety of portable music devices, use Windows Media Player. you can choose what type of music you are into and the kind of song that you want to transfer.

Can you use Zune music on a Sansa Fuse?

you should be able to use any music you have on your zune with any other MP3 player when you transfer over your MP3 files

How do you transfer music from one mp3 player to another?

i don't know but if you find out let me no a

How do you transfer music from MP3 player to computer but still keep it on MP3 player?

you can copy but not cut the songs, then you can have them both on your mp3 player and your computer. my mp3 player can store more than 500 songs and it is quite nice look. i bought it on, really cool.

How do you play music on your element mp3 player?

First rip the music into a Computer, then connect your element MP3 usb to the computer to transfer the music to it.,From the Start option, Click and go to WMP, open the WMP and in the rip column click and choose format option. From the Format drop down, click on MP3 and rip the music. transfer all of the music into your device.

How do you transfer music from an mp3 to a cell phone without using them as ringtones?

how do I transfer music from my mp3 to a cell phone voicemail?

Can you use amazon to download music to your mp3 player?

If you have an Amazon account, you can purchase MP3s from Amazon. And then you can download a single MP3 track or album on your computer. As Amazon Music is streaming service, you cannot download music from Amazon app to other devices, including MP3 player. To do this, you should try the third-party tool. From the above answers, Sidify is a nice choice. Besides, you can also try Macsome Amazon Music Downloader. It can help you download music from Amazon Web Player, and save as MP3. Thus, you can transfer Amazon Music to MP3 Player.

How do you transfer a track from media library into a MP3 Player?

MP3 players connect to the computer with a USB, firewire, or whatever cable came with the player. Software also usually comes with the player, or you can use Windows Media player as long as the MP3 player is a recognized device in Windows. In most software packages, it's a drag and drop thing to get the tracks onto the player. Connect your MP3 to the computer. Then load up Media Player and go onto "Copy onto CD or Device". Your MP3 should come up as one of the devices. Then select the songs you want and click Copy Music. EASY!!!!!

How can you transfer music to your sharper image mp3 player?

drag and drop your mp3's to what ever drive your sharper image mp3 player is plugged into. The software converter supplied seems to develope a fault in the middle of conversion and installation on to the mp3 player. Tried the drag and drop and it worked like a champ.

How do i transfer my mp3 music from my samsung mp3 player to my new PC simply synching up the device to my new PC doesn't work.?

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