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In your old Virgin phone - copy everything you want to keep (contacts, pictures etc) from the memory to the SIM card. Put the SIM card in the new phone, then copy everything from the SIM card to the new phone's memory. Once you've done that - replace the old SIM with the one that came with your new phone.

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How can you transfer music from a computer to a Virgin Mobile phone?


Who is the Company owner of Virgin Mobile mobile phones?

Virgin Mobile is owned by Virgin Group owned by Sir Richard Branson. Virgin Mobile cell phones operate of T Mobile cell phone towers. There has been rumors that AT&T is to buy out T Mobile and incorporate it's customers into their network, but I am unsure as to whether or not Virgin Mobile customers would transfer over to Go Phone services.

Can you flash a sprint phone to virgin mobile?

In short, the answer is "No."Why? It's complicated. The main reason is that even though Sprint is CDMA and Virgin Mobile is also CDMA, the difference is that Virgin Mobile offers cheap service (but) requires that you buy an expensive phone to utilize their service and their phones are not unlockable, meaning they cannot be transferred to another company. Virgin Mobile is so greedy you can't transfer any other carriers phones to virgin mobile nor can you use their phones and transfer service from Virgin Mobile (such as, to Sprint). It's just how it is.

Can you pay 25 on any Android phone for virgin mobile?

Ok If You Been A Member For Virgin Mobile B4 July And Had The $25.00 Plan You Can Transfer Your Account To Any Virgin Mobile Phone And Still Have That Plan !! It Dont Matter If Its Any Virgin Mobile... And If Been A Member After July Then You Pay $35.00,$45.00 kr $55.00....(: Hope It Help

When did Virgin mobile phone come out?

Virgin mobile phone came out in the 1990s. Virgin mobile phone is the subsidiary of the Virgin Group that has more than 400 companies in the world. The company is owned by Richard Branson.

How do you retrieve phone numbers when mobile phone will not turn on?

if you have a sim card in your phone you can just transfer it to your new phone. if not you may be out of luck

Can you transfer your mobile phone number to your new iPhone?

Yes, you can transfer most current mobile numbers to a new iPhone. It is no different than transferring a cell number to any other phone.

How do you put music on your android from virgin mobile?

Get a USB cable for your phone and log into your computer. Then go to computer/music and transfer your music files to your phone.

How do you transfer cell phone numbers to laptop?

Visit your mobile phone company website. There should be a softwara that allows you to do so. You can install Microsoft ActiveSync if your mobile phone supports it.

Does virgin mobile have a 4g touchscreen phone?

Ok...I'm not sure in virgin mobile has 4G capabilities as of right now (however it is possible that the virgin mobile wildfire does), there is a very strong possibility that virgin mobile will be receiving the HTC EVO 3d, which is a 4G phone. The phone is likely to come to virgin mobile US during the summer of 2012. -Hope this helped

How do you turn a sprint phone to a virgin mobile phone?

Get the Sprint phone unlocked - replace the Sprint SIM with a Virgin Mobile SIM - and you're good to go.

Can you transfer numbers from your mobile phone to your PC?

Yes you can. You need to use the features that come with the software CD of your phone. You should have an option like 'synchronise' or 'transfer contacts from phone to PC'...

How do send pictures to virgin mobile phones?

i cant send picture messages to a virgin mobile phone from mu cricket wireless phone

Where can one buy a prepaid Virgin mobile phone?

You can get a great price on a prepaid Virgin mobile phone by going to your local Virgin mobile retailer. Failing that, you can always try Amazon or eBay for a great deal.

Virgin mobile for lg neon?

i want to no because i need to get it in virgin mobile and i really like this phone :)

How do you get free Virgin mobile top up card numbers?

The top-up card for a pay-as-you-go mobile is supplied with the phone when you buy it. If you lose the card - you need to contact Virgin, who will send you a replacement.

Can someone answer your Boost Mobile questions?

I was told that i can transfer all my pictures and phone numbers from one phone to the one am using now?

How do you transfer files from mobile phone to laptop via bluetooth?

How do you transfer files from mobile phone to laptop via bluetooth?

Where can I buy a Virgin mobile phone at a good price?

You can buy a Virgin mobile phone at a good price from the Virgin mobile website. They offer Android, Blackberry and Apple devices, and are all sold at very good prices.

How do you take a virgin mobile phone off safe mode?

To take a Virgin Mobile off of safe mode, one would need to know the model of the phone. You may have to call the company for directions or take the phone to a Virgin mobile store and have it flashed.

What mobile phone carriers provide free calls to residential phone numbers?

There are many mobile phone carriers that provide free calls to residential phone numbers, such as Vodafone who has numerous deals such as the Vodafone Alltime that gives you free residential calls. Other companies that also do this deal includes TPG, Telstra and Virgin mobile.

From where can one purchase a Virgin Mobile prepaid cell phone?

One can purchase a prepaid Virgin mobile phone online from sites such as Virgin Mobile, Best Buy, Amazon, Overstock, Target, Walmart, The Good Guys and eBay.

Is virgin mobile prepaid phone better the AT and T prepaid phone?

Virgin Mobile offers better calling plans than AT&T prepaid in my opinion.

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