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If you have text messaging you can send the photo to the other phone through there.

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Data transfer on a cell phone refers to the browsing of web pages or the transfer of photos between your phone and the Internet. This might also refer to watching movies on the phone.

Saving everything on your cell phone to a new cell phone is very easy if you have Phone Transfer tool. It can easily transfer data like contacts, text messages, apps, photos, musics, etc from one phone to another. There are lots of such tools online, just search it online.

What I do is I email my pics to my android phone then I just copy my photos to my phone.

You might want to try a follow me service.

Your phone needs to have either bluetooth or have a usb connection then you can transfer photos through these two methods

How a person transfers music from their tablet to their cell phone will depend upon what table and cell phone they are using. If they are using Apple product they will transfer just by plugging them into one another.

How do you transfer songs from your cell phone to your ipod

Depending on if you save stuff on your sim card, just take it out and put it in another phone

There are many ways one could transfer data from one cell phone to another cell phone. One could simply remove the SIM card from the other phone and then save all of the information directly to the new phone.

It depends on if you have the same number on both phones. If you do, the wireless company you bought the phones from should be able to do that for you. If they are two separate numbers, you can usually send pictures via email or text depending on what kinds of phones they are.

lets say u have a Verizon cell phone you can either call Verizon or go on Verizon's website.

how do I transfer music from my mp3 to a cell phone voicemail?

Depends on what type of cell phone you have.

you can transfer it via USB data cable, just connect the cable into your cell phone and your pc, and transfer ( different cell phones have different ways to transfer ) so you have to be more speciefic about the brand and the model number of the cell phone. Another way is through Bluetooth and infrared if your PC is supported to receive blue tooth and infrared links. i prefer you to get your guide from your cell phones manual.

it can be transfered by bluetooth if both cell phone has connection to wireless i have a blackberry from t-mobile and a v3 fr5om at&t

You cannot I monitor another cell phone without targetting that cell phone to monitor the phone.

an SD card alows you to save pictures to it so that you can transfer them to another picture displayer, such as another phone, a digital camera, etc.

You can go to a service center and have a sim to sim copy to transfer your contacts, or if you subscribe to a feature called Address book 5.00 month, you can download it to and than upload it to your new phone.

There are various ways you can transfer music from your tablet to your cell phone. One of the easiest methods is by using Bluetooth. Activate Bluetooth on both devices and you can then transfer music from the tablet right to the phone.

You will need another AT&T cell phone are a compatible GSM cell phone.

option 1 - retype the phone numbers, which is slow option 2 - move the SIM card from the old phone to the new phone option 3 - go to your cell phone carrier and ask them to transfer it (they have computer programs that can transfer the phone numbers from your old SIM card and your old phone's memory to your new phone SIM card)

call your cell service and transfer your # to a new phone then cancel your lost phone

There is no card reader on the iMac. If your cell phone has Bluetooth you can download the photos via Bluetooth. Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on your iMac. To do this open system preferences then click Bluetooth. Make sure it is turned on and discoverable. Also make sure your Bluetooth is turned on your cell phone. You can now send the photos from your cell phone to your iMac via Bluetooth.

can unused min be carried over to your next 60 days? I have a track phone now so what is the advantage of changing to Net 10?