How do you transfer the deed of your home to your children if you wish to remain in the home and continue to pay the mortgage?

The most secure way to insure that the property is protected from any creditor attachment is to have an attorney or title company draw up a warranty deed making the adult children as Joint Tenants With Rights To Survivorship rather than deeding the property solely to an adult child/children. To deed the property directly to the child/children could subject it to taxation depending upon the circumstances. When property is titled JTRS it passes directly to the other tenants and is not subject to probate action nor can it be attached for debts belonging to the deceased. The lender's investment is secure regardless of how the property is titled. Mortgages are secured debts secured by the collateral property via a Deed of Trust. * However, as you say there is a mortgage, you probably cannot change the ownership title in any way without the permission of the mortgage company. * this q has a discussion