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save it to your computer

then go to file<import< and import the songs into iTunes and there u go make sure they play in itunes first

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How do you transfer a song into a playlist in windows media player?

Drag it to the playlist

How do you transfer songs off of thumb drive to windows media player?

Drag it to the playlist

Can you play songs on windows media player from playlist?

yes you click on the export to windows media hyperlink and you can save it in a playlist to listen anywhere

Can you copy a playlist from Windows Media Player to a Zune playlist?

you have to save it as a ZPL insted of a wpl

Can you have two libraries in windows media player?

Try making a playlist. You can make multiple playlist.

Have songs on imesh need to transfer to windows media player?

transfer songs from imesh to windows media player

How do you make a playlist in a Vista Windows Meda Player?

Open Windows Media Player and click "Create Playlist" in the top left corner, rename then drag the media to the sidebar then hit save.

How do you transfer Ares music to Windows Media Player?

To transfer the Ares music to the Windows Media Player you need a USB cable. The USB cable will connect the Ares Music to the Windows Media Player that will be able to facilitate the transfer of the music.

How do you transfer itune songs to windows media player?

all you have to do is transfer you music on to a disc then open up windows media player and put CD in computer. then go to rip and you can then put it on windows media player.

Transfer itunes music to windows media player?

That is a good question.When i bought my new moible phone i wanted my music from my i tunes on my windows,so i made a playlist of all the songs i want,burned it,then synced it on to my windows

How to make play list for a Coby Mp3 Player?

It can't be done standalone---you need to connect the Coby via a USB connection to a PC that has Windows Media Player. My Windows XP "sees" the Coby driver through the USB, however my Windows 7 PC DOESN't, for now. Create playlist(s) in the windows media player, add it to the edit pane("right click on playlist in lefthand pane and select "Add to Synclist", and click on &lt;Start Sync&gt;. The transfer will begin and the playlist on your PC will be in the "playlist" sub menu of your Coby's main Music menu.

How do you transfer Windows Media songs to iTunes?

You simply hold the mouse on the songs in windows media player and then drag them into iTunes.Save the songs in media player in a playlist, but change the playlist type to M3U.To do this you can use the "Save Playlist As" option from the list pane when you're editing the playlist. Then change the "Save as type:" field from WPL (the default) to M3U. then open the folder that you saved the playlist in and drag it into iTunes!!!!!oh and some of the WMA files may not transfer so you might have to do that from my music-or convert them to mp3 with a program like switch.Also you might want to transfer your ratings. To do this in WMP create a playlist called say 5star. Select all your five star rated songs and put them in this playlist. Do the transfer to iTunes using the M3u as described above. Open the 5star playlist in iTunes and rate all the songs with a 5. Easy peasy!you Can also DOWNLOAD Youtube downloader, and convert it oposite through there if you are interested

How do you copy your Windows Media Player playlist to a CD?

A playlist is only a text file with a list of songs. So if you only have the playlist on a CD then you will not be able to play any songs.

How do you transfer music from media player to virtual DJ?

it does not support windows media player get itunes and you will be fine

How do you transfer CD music to the library of Windows Media Player?

Put the CD in the drive. Go to Windows Media Player. Click on Rip.

Can you transfer music from windows media player to itunes?

You can definitely transfer music from windows media player to iTunes. You simply need to copy and paste the music over to the iTunes library.

Can you transfer songs from an MP3 player onto Windows Media Player?

Yes, if you download it to the computer, it can play on Media player.

How do you transfer songs from LimeWire to windows media player 11?

Find your "shared" folder and drag and drop the song you choose into Windows Media Player.

How do you transfer mp3 files to a CD?

You can save them in a file that lets you play the music like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, something like that and make a playlist and burn them to a cd.

How do you transfer windows media player without itunes?

I suggest you Daniusoft Media Converter Pro

How do you transfer music from windows media player?

I think you have to have a special program

How do you transfer music from the internet to windows media player?

download LIMEWIRE

Can you transfer songs from IMesh to Windows Media Player?

of course yes

How is Windows Media Player 9 different from the previous version?

Windows Media Player 9 has been upgraded from the previous version in visualizers, interface, playlist system, CD burning software and many other aspects.

How do you transfer iTunes back to windows media player?

You can visit this tutorial: How to play iTunes iPod music video movie on Windows Media Player and vice versa

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