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We should always remain true to ourselves, but a little help along the way never hurts. Perhaps go with a girlfriend and try on some wigs to see what type of hairstyle suits you the best. Streaking is also in, so go to a good hairdresser and get them to do some streaks. Also see a professional make-up artist and ask for "the nature look" as make-up is "less is best." They'll teach you how to apply your make-up and make the most out of parts of your face you may not like (making eyes appear bigger, slimming down a nose, or making your lips look bigger as well as cleaning up a bad complextion.) Men don't like to see women with a lot of bright make-up on that they could scrape off with a putty knife. If you are slightly over-weight then choose clothes that suite your body build, and don't wear tops that show your mid-drift (tummy). Meanwhile, lose weight the right way and "Weight Watcher's" is excellent, plus some exercise. Even if you just get out to "fast walk" with a girlfriend that will do the trick. Stay away from sweets, chips, pop, candies, fats, etc. Remember that all women have something about their face or body they don't like and you are at least trying to do the best with what you have. Good for you! Things that most people forget, is work on your personality. Sit down and be brutally honest with yourself to see if there is some part of your personality you can change (we all have to work at our personalities during our lifetime.) Guys (even if they swear) don't respect women that swear and find it "uncool." "Tough" is out when it comes to tough women! If you don't act like a lady you won't be treated like one. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you transform yourself to make guys like and notice you?
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How do you dress like a skater but still get hot guys to notice you?

You dress like he dresses and if he doesnt like it just be yourself.

How do you atract girl?

One of the things that attracts girls the most is to just be confident in yourself. Girls notice when guys are sure of themselves and they like it.

What do guys find most attractive about girls?

It differs. Some like personality, some like style, it's mostly just personality. Be yourself and dont totally change yourself for a boy. They notice, and they HATE that.

How do you attract guys at a middle school dance?

where cool othes be yourself and walk by him,her and try to mke them notice you or ask there friend to see if they like u

How come guys don't notice me?

Some guys are too shy to talk to girls. Im sure there are guys that notice you but they are too shy to admit that they like you. Try starting a conversation with them.

What do you do when you like somebody a lot but they don't even notice you?

be yourself make them notice you

Your all friends are very beautiful and are in notice of guys you too want guys to like me what could you do?

=If you want a guy to like you you'll need to find out what he likes in girls and what he doesn't. One way you can do that is to ask his friends, but the most important thing is that you be yourself!=

How do you get guys to notice you in a good way?

You just act like yourself don't over obsess about getting guys to notice you'd you should do is to show that you have lots of confidence.Dont wear too provocative clothing because that will make you attract the wrong kind of guy's hope this helped you good luck!

You like this guy he is in ninth and im in ninth so how do you get him to notice you?

Guys usually notice girls who talk to them.

Do girls like guys that rap?

be yourself

Ways to get guys to like you?

be yourself,be confident,and the ones that are worth it will like you for you

Do girls like ballsy guys?

No just be yourself

Do guys notice when a girl is losing weight?

Yes. But guys do not like super thin women. Just healthy ones!

How do you make guys like me?

Well if you want a guy to like you hang out with him and be yourself.

What do you do if you like a girl but she doesn't notice you?

if she doesnt notice youtry to make yourself more noticible. eventually the girl will notice you. Trust me that has happend to me

How can you be a best friend to guys when your a tomboy?

Act like yourself?


just be yourself. if he doesn't like you then thats his loss. There are plenty of guys who will like you for who you are.

How do you make the the girls like or admire you?

It depends on what girl. Girls, like guys, have personal inerests and tastes in guys. Some girls notice guys with great hair, some notice guys with great bodies, some notice guys with great eyes. You can't be all-around perfect, so flirt a little! Great personality is a quality that most girls look for so be more interesting than the next guy. Don't lie, though. Girls hate that!

What if the girl you like doesn't know you exist?

be yourself and she'll notice you

How do you get Debby Ryan to notice you and like you for her to be your girlfriend?

just be yourself man.

Why if guys like you do they laugh at you?

theyre teasing. its a pathetic way to get you to notice them. just ignore it

Im a 8th grader and i want a guy to notice me and like me. want should i do to make him notice me?

find out more about this guy. Find out what he likes in girls, try to talk to him more and show him who you really are. if he doesnt like you for who you really are, dont go through the trouble of changing yourself. it doesnt help anyone. For example, lets say you start dating this guy, after you change who you are, how will you ever know if he likes you for who u are??? hes not worth it if he doesnt. im sure theres plenty of other guys that are gonna notice you. so basically be yourself, and talk to the guys (be outgoing) and see wut you fish out of it.

Have do you get your man to notice you?

um i believe to get a guy to notice you just be yorself and like get yourself go up and talk to him and say hi and introduce yourself if he doesn't know who you are and have fun with it.

What make guys like girls?

Just being yourself. Chris

How do you impress a girl that doesn't like boys that are younger than you but likes you?

Just be yourself. Girls really don't like when guys "impress" them. It makes guys come off as fake and sometimes annoying. If you want a girl to like you for who you are, be yourself.

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