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The Lion King

*French - lion
*Hebrew - aryeh
*Latin - leo
*Russian - lev
*Swahili - simba


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Please choose which languages you would like it translated into first.

You can translate great-grandmother to Portuguese and it's "Bisavó".

You don't. Google is not set up to translate languages with less than 100,000 speakers.

Can you translate that into French, please?We will translate the manifesto into multiple languages.I will translate the book into English.

both translate languages to machine languages

every language you can translate love too.

Google offers a translating software to translate English to Arabic and a multitude of other languages. You can also download an add-on for most browsers to translate full pages to other languages.

The translator has the ability to translate text, to and from a provided list of 66 languages. The translator also provides special character keyboards in order to type in specific languages such as Japanese and Korean.

One would want to translate words from different languages because they might not know that language or they might want to translate it so someone else can read it and understand it.

Enter your question under the Translations category. Certainly someone speaking creole (of the variety you want) will translate it into English for you. Note: There is no such language as Creole. the word "creole" refers to a category of languages that are a blend of 2 completely different languages. There are more than 100 living creolized languages in the world. Most are English-based or French based. So you would have to specify which Creole you want to translate from.

There are 25 languages including, Arabic, Spanish, English, Italian and more.

caleb is the same in both languages

There are many places where one can find a good translator, which can translate many languages. Some examples of good translators include Google Translate and Reference Translate.

There are many online translators which will do a good job of translating many languages into English, and are also free to use. These include Babelfish and Google Translate.

Google Translate doesn't have all translations for all languages right. It makes many mistakes in languages, most mistakes it makes are Russian. Besides, it translate words pretty well, but it isn't good at tenses. If you are looking for a more accurate translate, try Takeasy. Google it, and you'll find it.

The word, lion, derives from the Latin and ancient Greek languages.

One way to translate Chinese to English is to use Google Translate. To do this, simply go to Google Translate and type what is wanted to be translated between the two languages.

Languages on Google Translate that are spoken in various rainforests are:American RainforestsSpanishPortugueseAfrican RainforestsSwahiliNyanja

You can't. VB is too complex and too high level. C is one of the most basic low level languages around. Its very hard to translate into higher level languages but easy to translate into assembler

quarante (qarant) in French, ארבעים (arbaiim) in Hebrew, and you can find out more at Google Translate.

If you search up Google Translate, then type in the word you want, chose your languages then click translate and your done

There are several, but the most commonly used is

to translate between languages for trade

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