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cold water and or stitches

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Q: How do you treat a bit from reticulated python snake?
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Are reticulated pythons venomous?

Pythons are not venomous. That includes the reticulated python. With that said, the bite of the python won't feel good and, like any puncture wound, can introduce hazardous biological materials into whatever (or whoever) gets bitten. The python will generally latch onto whatever it is trying to eat and the teeth will keep what they are trying to consume from getting away while it is gradually constricted. Once the animal is dead, the teeth help move the animal down into the snake. They curve backwards a bit so that they can pull the meal further into the snake.

What if your python was bit by a feeder today should i worry?

If your python was bit by a feeder today then your feeders F**ked up

Your ball python bit you is she in heat?

Its possible, I guess, but there are many reasons why a female snake could bite. Snake also bite when they are hungry and it is close to their feeding time. Most snakes also become more aggressive when they are about to shed. If your ball python's eyes are clouded over this means she is about to shed. Your snake could also have bit you simply because she got scared, or didnt't want to be handled at the time. Ball pythons can have ranodm mood swings sometimes.

Do amethystine python eat silvery gibbons?

Even for a python, gibbons are a bit too big.

How did the snake bite Cleopatra?

The snake bit her on the arm.

Snake that bit Cleopatra?

No snake bit Cleopatra. There is a myth that an asp was used in her suicide, but that is only a myth.

Can you say he was bit by a snake or is it soley he was bitten by a snake?

He was bitten by a snake is grammatically correct.

How do you train your chihuahua not to bit?

Threaten to feed it to a python if it doesn't.

Is Jake the snake Roberts snake dead?

no he still does a bit of wrestling

Do snakes kill people when they bit them?

When a snake bites you you are usaullay not alone so your mom or you dad or guide need to call a hospital right away and treat the bite right away.If they dont treat the bite you can die.

What do you cat bit by snake without vet?

What kind of snake is the real question.

How many times can a person get bit by a snake?

Kind of depends on the kind of snake.

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