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BROKEN OR BLEEDING NAIL BROKEN NAIL If the nail is not bleeding and is causing the dog or cat pain because it is in the way then it needs to be removed. Only remove it yourself it is loose and you feel comfortable doing so. You may need to have someone help you hold your pet or muzzle your dog. Grasp the broken nail with a pair of pliers and tug. If it does not come away easily then seek veterinary help. BLEEDING NAIL This can happen if your dog or cat tears the nail or if you have trimmed the nail too short. * Restrain your pet and elevate the affected limb above the body if possible by rolling your pet onto its back. * Apply a clean cloth against the nail. Cotton wool can be used in this circumstance as the fine fibres aid clotting. * An alternative is to drag the affected nail over a bar of soap to clog the nail and then apply the cloth to the nail. * Apply pressure for at least 5 minutes. Nails tend to bleed for long periods of time. Do not remove the pad until bleeding stops. * Apply a bandage if the nail tends to start bleeding as soon as the pad is removed or your pet is licking the paw excessively. * If bleeding does not stop in 15 minutes transport to your veterinarian. Continued bleeding may indicate a bleeding disorder and your pet may be in serious trouble. * There are also commercial products you can buy - I know of one called Qwik Stop that will halt the blood flow quickly. Alternatively, you can use cornstarch which will work too.

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Q: How do you treat a broken nail for a cat back paw?
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How do you treat a cat with broken ribs?

Take it to a veterinarian. There is no way to treat this yourself safely.

How do you treat broken cat bones?

If the bones of a cat, or any animal alike, are certainly broken, you should take the animal to the vet as soon as possible.

Can cats survive a broken back?

There have been some instances where a cat has survived a broken back. It will really be up to the cat and vet that does the surgery.

Do cat tails grow back?

Cat tails will not grow back if they were broken or cut off.

How do you treat a cats broken tail?

cut it off or take your cat to the vet

How do you treat a cat with a broken back before professional help arrives?

Never try and attempt to treat an animal with such a serious injury - you could cause even more damage. The best thing to do is to try and keep the cat as still as possible and keep it in the same position until a professional vet is able to look at the cat.

How do you treat back pressure in engines?

To much back pressure is often caused by a blockage in the exhaust system, such as a clogged or broken catalytic converter. This can be remedied by clearing the blockage or replacement of the cat. A lack of back pressure is usually caused by an aftermarket exhaust that is to big being installed on a vehicle or a broken exhaust pipe.

How do you treat a cat with a broken leg?

bring the cat to a veterinarian.. let the vet look at your cat and diagnose how is your cat's condition. the vet will tell you everything that you need to do with your cat based on the cat's condition.

How do I know if my cat's jaw is broken?

A cat who has broken its jaw will have pain opening its mouth, not be able to open or close its mouth, have swelling, may pull away from applied pressure, and may cry because of pain. A vet can x-ray the jaw to verify if it is broken, and treat the cat properly.

How do you get the cat out of the house?

A cat chew toy or the cat's favorite treat or food , lock the door so it can't go back in.

How do you treat a cat who broke a nail in his back paw?

AnswerApply some Novisan, or some some of anti biotic, and wrap it with Co-flex or Vet wrap... but not too tight!

How do you care for your cat's broken jaw?

A broken jaw is a very serious injury and should be taken care of by a vet immediately. You cannot treat this yourself and your vet will be able to advise you how to care for your cat whilst being treated.

How do you you treat a cat's broken off claw?

It is ideal to take the cat to the vet so the injury can be checked over. The vet will likely give the cat painkillers and prescribe a week's course of antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection and allow the injury to heal. Thankfully, cat claws grow back quickly, provided the nail bed has not been damaged too badly. Dipping the foot in cooled boiled salt water each day will also help keep the injury clean and again help prevent infection from developing.

How do you treat a cat's broken tail at home?

Nothing. It will heal eventually, but it might be crooked; also, don't step on it again.

How do you treat cat seizures?

If your cat is having a seizure you need to take the cat to a veterinarian, not ask online how to treat the seizures.

How do you treat cat with pneumonia?

You treat your cat by taking him or her immediately in to be checked out by your Veterinarian. Do not attempt to try to treat the cat yourself. Antibiotics and an accurate diagnosis is needed and only a Veterinarian can do that.

Make a sentence using idiom tooth and nail?

David's cat fought him tooth and nail as he tried to get it into the cat basket to go to the vet's.

How do you get your cat to have cat nip?

put it in its food or treat.

How do you treat feline tapeworm?

Well if you mean how to treat a cat with a tape worm just get the cat to the vet and fast.

Cat has broken nailwill that make him limp and not be able to put weight on his leg?

Depends on where the break is, if it is inside of the paw then it is lilely to be painful and cause limping, however if break is outside of the paw it is unlikely to be painful. If it is inside the paw put some antiseptic on it and bandage it, to reduce the chances of infection that would make it worse.O.K.If your cat has broken it's nail, it will not be able to put A LOT of weight on it's foot or paw or leg. But it will limp for some time until you clup the broken nail off or it comes off. If the cat meows in pain, or is sounding a little funny, then you should take it to the vet. If the nail is broken near the skin, rush to the vets office before something bad happens.I'll keep your cat in my prayers if you HAVE to RUSH to the vets office! :-J

What happens if another cat bites a cat?

if another cat bites a cat it will get infected if dirt and germs get into it that's why you should treat the cat bite right away if your cat is an outdoor cat treat it right away and try to keep the cat inside as much as possible.

Why can't your cat walk on its back leg?

Your cat should be taken the the vet and have their leg looked at. It could be broken or have a sore on it that is infected. Good luck and God Bless:)

How much does it cost to trim a cat's nail?

$5,000 a nail! Go to the nearest Nail Day Spa and have the Asian Ladies do it. :)

What is a carpenter's cat's paw?

It is a nail bar with a round end for getting under nail head that are buried in the wood. Curved very much like a cat's claw.

What are the best cat nail clippers?

The best cat nail clippers are guillotine style, scissor style clippers or human nail trimmers. These can be purchased from: Vio Vet, eBay, Pet Planet, Pet Smart, Sea pets.