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How do you treat a cat BITE?

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If its really bad you need a doctor. But peroxide and band- aids should help.

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Is cat Bite dangerous?

Yes, a cat bite can become very dangerous to humans. The cat can leave bacteria in the wound that will give people infections. A doctor will be able to treat the cat bite with medicine.

How do you treat a cat's infected cat bite?

I would take them to your nearest vet, but if not possible, when my cat had a bite we simply washed and soaked it.

What happens if another cat bites a cat?

if another cat bites a cat it will get infected if dirt and germs get into it that's why you should treat the cat bite right away if your cat is an outdoor cat treat it right away and try to keep the cat inside as much as possible.

How do you treat a black fly bite on your eye?

how do i treat a black fly bite on the eye

How can you treat a tarantula bite?

u treat it by rubbin ice on ya bite fools

How does a vet treat a cat bite to a dog?

A cat bite on a dog is treated by a vet according to the severity of the bite. The dog could only require the wound to be cleaned. The vet may prescribe antibiotics as a precaution to prevent any related illnesses that may occur. Normally a dog would not require stitches from a cat bite. The vet would determine the medical needs of the dog.

How do i treat a surface cat bite?

well, cats have eaten many different things that cause their teeth to be unclean. Therefore, you should only wash the bite with soap and warm water to prevent the bite from getting infected.

Can doxycycline hyc be used to treat a cat bite?

If the cat bite is infected such as inflamed or swelling is present, then you need to take your cat into your Veterinarian. He or she will know the best type of antibiotic to put your cat on. It may have turned into an abscess where it needs to be opened up and flushed out and a penrose drain put in to keep it opened and draining. This type of antibiotic is not one of choice.

Can bactrim be used to treat a spider bite?

Yes, Bactrim can be used to treat a spider bite. It is much better if used when the spider bite first occurs.

Why does my cat like to bite me but not hard?

If the bite is not hard, the cat may be either giving you a warning bite or simply a play bite. It is sometimes difficult to tell which, even with context.

Why do you get rabies after a cat bite?

Yes if it's a rabid cat

How do you treat cat seizures?

If your cat is having a seizure you need to take the cat to a veterinarian, not ask online how to treat the seizures.

What is worse dog bite or a cat bite?

it depends on the size and if they have rabies or not.

How do you treat cat with pneumonia?

You treat your cat by taking him or her immediately in to be checked out by your Veterinarian. Do not attempt to try to treat the cat yourself. Antibiotics and an accurate diagnosis is needed and only a Veterinarian can do that.

Why the does your cat bite you for no reason?

cats can bite if they feel threatened as one of the instincts but they can bite to tell you no or to stop it

Which cat has the strongest bite?


Is doxycycline good for a cat bite?


Does a cat bite when in heat?


Can a cat get rabies by a bat?

Rabies can be transmitted from mammal to mammal by a bite, so yes, a cat could get rabies from a bat bite.

Why does your cat bite you when you go to pet him?

The cat may not want to be petted.

Is snake poison used for rattlesnake bite?

No, antivenin is used to treat the bite of a rattlesnake.

How do you treat a green head bite?


How do you get your cat to have cat nip?

put it in its food or treat.

How does one treat a spider bite?

To treat a spider bite, one should clean the bite and treat it with ice immediately. For mild bites, medicine such as antibiotics and Antivenin may be necessary. If the bite is from a Black Widow spider, Brown Recluse spider, or other poisonous spiders, medical attention and hospitalization may be necessary.

How do you treat feline tapeworm?

Well if you mean how to treat a cat with a tape worm just get the cat to the vet and fast.