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How do you treat a catfish whose scales are falling off and now looks like a jelly-like blob?


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Hey there, That doesnt sound too good mate... Im gonna give u a few suggestions because i don't know what equipment uve got or what u may have tried. Number one, Do a PH test. That will tell u the basics with what is going on in the water. If its No where near 7 (neutral) Id do abit of research to find out what PH is suited for ur breed of catfish and adjust it by means of water changes and if that hasn't worked id use some pH up or pH down (whichever on u need). If uve tried that and the water is perfect. Id look at treating it with a medication called multi cure. Try that, don't over dose and follow the directions carefully. Another thing could be if u have got any foreign objects in ur tank... like shells from the sea, or driftwood u picked up from the local river or dam. Anything like that id take out right away and change the water. See how u go with that mate. I hope that helps. If ur still having trouble, message me on . I still have a few tricks up my sleve but it doesnt help that i don't know what uve done. Anyway catch :oD!