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How do you treat a deer fly bite?

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I moisten baking soda and place on the bite. Benedryl or an allergy pill helps keep swelling down. Ice also does wonders with the swelling,pain and itching

2012-07-06 19:47:22
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Q: How do you treat a deer fly bite?
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How do you treat a black fly bite on your eye?

how do i treat a black fly bite on the eye

How long does the redness from a deer fly bite last?

The redness from a deer fly bite can last anywhere from a few hours to a day or two. Some people react differently to bites and take longer to recover from them.

How do you treat deer fly bites?

a deer fly are alot like green heads there are certain pain relive medicine and they can cause disese so be careful but the best way to treat it is leave it alone and relax p.s. ice does work

Can deer fly?

No, deer cannot fly.

Do baby deer bite?


How can you treat a tarantula bite?

u treat it by rubbin ice on ya bite fools

How fast does the deer bot fly fly?

A Deer bot fly flies at 90 miles per hour

Do mosquitoes eat deer?

No, but they do bite them.

What does a deer fly look like?

a normal deer

Can you acquire rabies from a deer bite?

If the deer has rabies, and it has broken the skin, then yes, you can.

What is treatment for deer fly bite?

It is true that Deer Fly bites are painful. The tissues around the bite are affected causing major soreness to the touch, swelling, and constant itchiness. In bad reactions, like mine, edema sets in. Time is the main factor to get rid of a deer fly bite but to tolerate the pain and itchiness associated with it you can: - Apply ice to it as soon as possible after you are bitten. - Put Calamine lotion directly on the spot. - Put your hand/foot or where you got bit under cold water for relief. - Try not to touch the area too much - Avoid getting bit again in the same area!

When is deer fly season?

Deer fly season lasts about four or five weeks in June and July.

Can bactrim be used to treat a spider bite?

Yes, Bactrim can be used to treat a spider bite. It is much better if used when the spider bite first occurs.

What do deer fly bites look like?

They look like fully red, raised bumps. In some people, large swelling can occur around the bite as well.

How do you know if your black fly bite is infected?

If a fly bite is infected, you will have red streaks coming from the bite. The bite may also have pus seeping. A doctor can dress the bite and prescribe medicine to clear up an infection.

Do deer bite?

only plants. unless they have Rabies.

What is the difference between deer fly and horse fly?

Deer flies are smaller with triangular wings. Horse flies are bigger.

Are there home remedies for fly bites?

fly dont bite

What kind of large horse fly has a yellow back?

IT is a deer fly not a horse fly.

What type of fly has a white back with black stripes?

deer fly

What does a green head fly bite look like?

The bite of a green head fly is extremely small. If you don't see the bite occurring it may be very hard to find.

Is sand -fly bite or Leishmaniasis contagious?

A sand fly bite is not contagious. It is similar to a mosquito or flea bite. The bites do not spread on a person's body or to other people.

Do mosquitoes just bite and fly off?

Mosquitos (females only) bite to get a drink of blood, which they consume as food. Then they fly off.

Do deer lose their tails?

Not normally, but they can to severe frost bite.

Is snake poison used for rattlesnake bite?

No, antivenin is used to treat the bite of a rattlesnake.