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How do you treat a dog with a dislocated tail?


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My dog just dislocated his tail this morning and I called the vet and they told me that either they could put him on meds for that pain or amputate it. So I called my chiropractor [who usually only words on ppl] said that he just worked on a dog earlier this week and once he had to adjust a horse.


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Nothing, as long as your dog is a pet it really makes no difference, a show dog should have a curly tail but it is only for looks. Your dogs tail could have been dislocated when it was a puppy or just been born that way but I am sure he/she is lovely straight tail and all and will lead a full and happy life.

A dislocated dog shoulder can easily be fixed by taking them to a veterinarian.

If your dog has dislocated it's shoulder, I'm pretty sure you would've heard the yike and the dog wouldn't put any weight on it.

A dislocated dog leg should be checked out by a veterinarian. The vet may be able to get it back into place manually, the leg will then be wrapped.

Take it to the vet and let him do it

it may be at weird angle if they broke it and if you feel the tail you will feel a lump or a gap

No , that is why they have a nose to locate it

Yes, a dog has a tail.

You need to take your dog to a veterinarian to have the shoulder popped back into place and stabilized so the tendons and ligaments of the shoulder will heal properly. The sooner this is done after the dislocation, the better the prognosis for a good recovery.

This is the stupidest question ever but i think not

It starts screaming my back is dislocated (shoulder or hip) and then starts pooing every where especially in your bed

of course they can !!! Can a dog have a broken tail

If you think that the hip is dislocated, then the dog needs to be at the vet. Would you want to be laying around with YOUR hip dislocated? If the leg is not bothering him with applied pressure, the chances are slim that it's dislocated. Unless it's a very slight dislocation or it's just not seated right. If my dog had been limping for a day, waiting another day would not be an option. Dogs limp because they are in pain - not for fun. My dog would be at an emergency vet getting pain meds and a diagnosis.

If you treat your dog nicely then they will treat you!

Take it to your veterinarian. How you treat the calf depends on whether the calf has a broken leg or dislocated joint.

You need to take your dog immediately into see your Veterinarian. There is nothing you can do at home. Go to VET!

Visiting a doctor and using a sort of cast for the arm including the thumb.

It might be because the tail of the dog isn't as heavy as the body of the dog.

A dog waggles its tail when its playing and exited

Dog Treat was created in 1924.

the dog that can not bark and has a curly tail is hotdog.

if you dog dont wag its tail its broken

A dislocated tail bone will cause inability to stay balanced while walking or standing. The obvious solution would be to undergo surgery or whatever can be done to fix it. The coccyx can be fixed in some non-surgical cases, although it is highly dependent on the injury's severity.

A dogs tail bone can definitely be broken. once when my dog was a puppy i slammed the dog and his tail got caught, the vet confirmed its fairly easy for a dog to brake its tail, so be careful!

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