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Sociopathy (Psychopathy)

How do you treat a teenage sociopath?

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January 08, 2016 5:01AM

The parent must recognize and seek help for the child, usually

on recommendation of teachers and other professionals in the school

system. This cannot be diagnosed by an untrained person.

One specialist is Dr. Robert Hare of Canada; he has

developed a specialized type of therapy that will help child

psychopaths (sociopaths) veer off the destructive path and have the

best life the illness allows! Arguably, he is the ONLY one who

knows how to train therapists to deal with sociopaths, and has a

special type of therapy developed for children with this

devastating mental illness. See his BOOK, "Without

Conscience," available at online bookshops, and you'll be able

to understand much more.

Here are three very different opinions from FAQ Farmers:

* Be careful that you are not confusing social anxiety with

sociopathy. Social Anxiety is technically classified as a disorder,

but think of it like a symptom. Don't try to get rid of the social

anxiety. Find out what is causing it before you try to overcome


* "Sociopath" is a misleading word: it implies a disorder,

something wrong and unnatural with the person, and this couldn't be

further from the truth. We, the people you refer to as sociopaths,

have nothing wrong with us. (That, while arguably true from a

sociopath's perspective, does not mean one should not do something

about the situation. "Sociopaths" can be quite damaging to those

around them). Just as science understands that epilepsy is not

demonic possession, that people with dissociative conditions are

not harboring ghosts or devils in their bodies, and that depression

is not a "deadly sin," it would and will be able to prove that

sociopathy happens for a reason and that it can be dealt with.

Sociopaths do very bad things. But branding them all "pure evil"

isn't going to help anyone. It's just more hate.

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