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just sew it


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We have found if you use vaseline and push them back in, the chicken should survive.

If you are not sure if a chest wound has penetrated the chest wall completely, treat the wound as though it were an open chest wound.

first wrap it up in a towel then take it to the vet bye bye.

If your ferret will eat chicken, as a treat it is acceptableAs a treat, ferrets can have small amounts of chicken

Bring it to a vet. Why would you treat a bunny rabbit's flesh wound yourself?

You need to seek help from a doctor, otherwise you may suffer very nasty infections or diseases from your open wound. You can wrap a bandage tightly around your arm and hope it closes on its own.

get the shrapnel out- then cure like an ordinary gunshot wound

Treat the wound as any other puncture wound.

swelling of the wound,pus in the wound ,pain,redness

allow the victim to assume the position easiest for breathing, and observe/treat for shock.

Treat it like a normal chicken but with extra care

coloidial silver water compresses 3 days 18 grams vitamin C a day

the edges of the sealing material for an open chest wound should extend how far past the edge of the wound?

It is important to not handle food with an open wound because you could contaminate the food and there are many health risks. If you have an open wound you should wear a glove or not handle the food at all. It all depends on the wound.

which blood components would be used to repair an open wound? which blood components would be used to repair an open wound?

You can buy special anti-biotic balm to put on a wound but basic white flour sprinkled on a bleeding comb will stem the flow of blood. Once the wound has stopped bleeding a treatment of Vaseline petroleum jelly will keep the wound sealed, moist and promote healing.

An Open Chest Wound (Sucking Chest Wound)

the sun fades it, so does tanning bed and clorine water. also if you dont take care of it, you have to treat it as an open wound.

They have cut or open artery and strong pressure must be used. A tourniquet is the choice.

If a horse has an open wound with maggots in it you need to call and equine vet right away. Horses are more delicate than they seem and require a minimal level of care. If the wound is not treated properly by a vet it will become even more infected and possible cause the horse to fall seriously ill and die.

It must be cleaned out and stitched by a doctor. It would have to be bandage for a short period of time. Stitches would come out in a week or two depending on the wound.

No, it is not safe to lick an open wound, because it is unsanitary and may damage your health.

The first option for treating an open wound is cleaning it with an antiseptic. This will destroy any germs before you can cover the wound.

An open fracture, also called a compound fracture, is a broken bone with an open skin wound.

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