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trim their feet???? hmmmm-i am assuming u mean SPURS? as marcy said u dont! if u have other roosters ur going to need them to have their spurs so when they do their " i am the man" routine each has a fair chance. their scratching the ground should suffice. also remember spurs tell u the age of the rooster :) itd be like dying ur gray hair-cant cover up Honor :) Good luck! Rooster's feet shouldn't be trimmed. That's usually what gravel in their pen will do. They will often go around mashing their nails into the gravel. I'd leave well enough alone unless you want a fight to the death. My bets on the rooster! LOL Marcy

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Q: How do you trim a rooster's feet?
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Do roosters have feet?

Yep. Two of 'em.

Why do some roosters fall over?

Most likely the rooster is sick. There is also the possibility that his spurs are too long and he is tripping himself as he walks. Check the roosters spurs and trim them if needed.

Do roosters drop their spurs?

No Roosters do not drop their spurs, but they can break off or be trimmed, if you were to trim them, be careful not to cut to far back toward the leg as it would be like cutting your nails too short. (ouch!!)

How do you trim a horses feet?

You call the farrier.

What is the cost to trim a horses feet?


Do all rooster have spurs?

All of mine have them. If you handle your roosters/chickens, when they are chicks, it will be easier to trim them when he is much larger and stronger. The spurs can be clipped or filed down.

How many square feet of trim would you need for an 11 by 14 foot room?

50 feet.

Do roosters live in groups?

No, roosters tend to not like having other roosters around

What is the plural possessive of roosters?

The possessive form of the plural noun roosters is roosters'.Example: The roosters' colors are brighter than the colors of hens.

How often do you trim a horses feet?

Every 6-8 weeks.

Are chicken feet the same or different in males and females?

Males tend to have larger feet to support their heavier weight and roosters will grow spurs on their lower legs

Are roosters birds or mammals?

Roosters are birds.

Can roosters have twins?

No, roosters are boy chickens

What is a name for roosters baby?

roosters do not have babies

Do roosters mate with chickens?

Roosters mate with hens. Both roosters and hens are chickens.

How many feet of trim does Emma wants to put trim on a table cloth that is forty inches square?

13.33333 feet, but she will also need some extra for turning the corners, I would buy 5 yards

How do you trim horse feet?

They use a large knife to trim the feet of the horse Usually you hire a professional, called a farrier, who is trained in the care of horse hooves. Doing it yourself can be dangerous and if done wrong, can cause injury to the animal. When your farrier comes, have them show you how to trim the hooves (so you can do it in an emergency).

How long does the spurs on a rooster have to be before trimming them?

You can trim the roosters spurs however long they are, but I would certainly wait until they get longer so it would make it more worth your time.

Do all roosters have spurs?

No. There are some breeds of roosters who do not.

What color ears do roosters have?

roosters have black ears

What are roosters called in England?

We usually call them 'roosters'.

What is the duration of Roosters?

The duration of Roosters is 1.83 hours.

Are roosters vertabrates?

Yes, roosters have a spine. They are vertebrates.

How often do you trim your horses feet?

Best to do it every 6 to 8 weeks

Why do chickens peck?

Hens peck, usually at any approaching animal while laying eggs and when they feel threatened. Roosters however, peck to establish dominance among others and to fight; although, roosters usually use their feet.