How do you trim trees?

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Prune when the tree is dormant. Right before buds start to develop. You will need a pair of pruners, loppers, and maybe a saw. Cut any twigs, or branches that cross into each other. You want to try and cut any growing far downward to maintain an upright shape. All cuts you make should be cut at an angle. Or you can hire someone to do it for you. Answer


it is a common misconception made mostly 'cos farmers cut trees in winter but they do that not because its the best time for it but because they don't have enough time to prune in summer. best times to prune would be early spring and after you picked the fruit. early spring pruning is mostly for tree shape design like the style described by the former answer while after picking pruning is meant to remove suckers and open the tree for sunlight which will improve the differentiation to fruit next year.

pruning while dormant hurts the tree more, causes slow healing, increases susceptibility to disease and can increase the chances of mortality by up to 30%

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Q: How do you trim trees?
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What to do after you trim the bonai trees on poptropica?

After you trim the bonsai trees you get a kimono from the woman who sells the trees. In the kimono there is a passport. You will now be able to get past the guards.

When do I trim my white pine trees in Indiana?

White pines don't need to be trimmed. You can trim off lower branches as the trees grow but leave enough branches to support the trees health.

When to trim live oak trees?

You can trim trees anytime of year except Spring. Spring is not good because of the moist cool nights this helps with the onset of diaseases.

How do you say trim trees in spanish?

Podar arboles

When to trim buckeye trees?

When dormant .After the leaves have fallen.

Can you trim trees with electric clippers if they are wet?

Probably not

What time of year is best to trim maple trees in NY state?

Best time to trim maple trees is when the sap is not running, for example just after the leaves have dropped in the fall.

When the best time to trim oak trees?

When you have trimming shears

How many trees could a tree hugger hug if a tree hugger could hug trees?

How much bush, could a bush trimmer trim. If a bush trimmer could trim bush..? Hmm?

What is the full meaning of shrag?

A twig of a tree cut off., To trim, as trees; to lop.

When is the best time of year to trim decidious trees?

After the leaves have fallen and before the leaves appear again. DO NOT TRIM DURING HARD FROST.

Can you trim palmetto trees with a chain saw?

Yes, you can, but be careful of it bouncing back.

where does a person go to get license to trim and cut down trees in California?

the boner shop

What time of year does one trim bushes and trees?

Bushe can be trimmed in spring or summer

When is the best time to trim birch trees?

When the leaves are off and the sap is not flowing strongly.

When should you trim your trees?

The best time to trim a tree is when it is dormant. The fall or winter is a good time to improve the health of your tree by trimming away dead growth and branches.

How often do you trim cat's claws?

It should not be necessary in cats, as they scratch trees ect to control this.

When should I trim a tamarack tree?

you should probably start trimming your trees around winter

What in the world does bonsai refer?

"Bonsai" refers to Japanese Bonsai trees, which can be a great gift for anyone interested in Topiary endeavors. Bonsai trees are small trees that one can trim to create a work of art.

Who cuts the trees down?

Lumberjacks are men and women that cut down trees for lumber and paper companies. Arborists are those that have special training in tree biology and advise land owners how to trim trees and cut down diseased trees or those trees that present a safety problem.

What action can be taken if your neighbor's trees are dropping debris in your backyard swimming pool?

You can trim tree branches overhanging your property to your property line. If you need to trim farther than that, you must get permission.

How do you get rid of squirrels on my roof?

Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of them is the trim the trees they are using to climb up there. They can jump about 4 feet so you have to cut them back or trim them shorter then the roof line.

Whose responsibility to trim the tree which near the electric pole?

Call your local Utility company, They will usually trim trees that are endangering the power lines. Of course though, if the tree is on your property, It is really your responsibility.

When is the best time to trim evergreen trees in Minnesota?

Click on the link below. Read the tips for the month of April.

What are the tools used in trimming bonsai trees?

Pruning shears and clippers are used to trim bonsai trees; smaller and more detailed trees can be trimmed and detail with special blades that will not cause splitting on the ends or result in brown discoloration.