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I can almost guarantee that water is getting into the motor/gearbox housing and freezing . If the motor works when the temp. is above freezing then this is probably the cause. You will have to dismantle and reseal the motor or better yet replace it with a new one.

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Q: How do you troubleshoot 1998 Camaro power windows that stop working in cold weather?
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Camaro Z28 power windows?

Sometimes it is the switch.

Were power windows an option on 1969 camaro z28?


What besides the window motors would cause the power windows a on a 1994 Camaro to stop working?

Besides the motor it may be the electric wires going to the switch is broken or a bad fuse.

Where is vacuum blend door in 92 camaro?

my vent doors are not working in my 92 camaro. the heat will blow hot or cold but only on def

What is the background song in the Viagra camaro 2010 commercial?

It's raining men by the weather girls

Why does both windows not work 1997 camaro?

you need to check the switches first. if not that, it is the power window motor .

Where do I start working on my 95 Chevy Camaro that has a horn not working?

it could be the horn relay fuse located in the engine department with the other fuses.

Why would a 92 camaro overheat after the oil pump was changed?

oil pump is defective and not working.

Fuel gauge not working 95 camaro?

replace the fuel sending unit in the gas tank.

Why dont the heat work in 1995 camaro?

If the heater is not working in a 1995 Camaro, there may be one of two issues. Either the heater core is bad or the heater fuse is blown.

Why does your 1999 Camaro stall in hot weather?

Check the battery and alternator. In hot weather we tend to use more juice from the battery because we run a stereo and the A/C.

How do you change manual windows to power windows on a 94 camaro?

you have to get the panels and the window regulator. get window switches and wire it all up good. you should be fine. a real pain, but it can be done.

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