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I have had this problem on both my wife's 95 Neon, and my 2001 Ram truck. In both cases, it was literally blowing the halogen bulb to pieces. It turned out that both units were allowing moisture to enter into the plastic headlight assembly. When this moisture hit the hot bulb, it would blow up. On the neon, i just took the assembly out, and applied a thin film of RTV Black silicone around the seam where the clear plastic meets the main headlight body. The truck required a replacement headlight.

Both problems solved.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:20:52
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Q: How do you troubleshoot a 1995 Dodge Neon that keeps blowing the front headlight?
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Where is the horn located on a 1998 Dodge Stratus?

below right front headlight

How do you change headlight lens on a 1991 Dodge Spirit?

unplug the bulb, then remove the metal clips on front of headlight that secure it to the grill. pull the headlight straight out of the front of the grill. This is the best way to change the bulb as well.

Location of engine air filter on a 2000 Dodge Intrepid?

In the housing behind the right front headlight, under the hood.

Will a front bumper from a 2006 dodge ram 2500 fit on on a 2005 dodge ram 2500?

No it will not fit. You would have to use the 2006 fenders, grille and Headlight assembly to fit the bumper.

Can you put 1996 dodge avenger front end parts on a 1997 dodge avenger?

yes but you also have to change headlight assemblies also. not worth doing. just find a 97+ bumper.

What front light bulb does a 1997 Dodge Dakota use?

, The headlight bulb is a #9007. The front/sidemarker bulb is a #194. The park & turn signal is a T3157. The fog lights are #893.

When you are talking about the front or back of the overhead console is the front the front of the van or the back?

Front should refer to the side closest to the headlight end of the vehicle.Front should refer to the side closest to the headlight end of the vehicle.

Where is the air box on dodge stratus 2001?

The air cleaner box is front right of the engine (aft of the left headlight). It has a large black plastic cover.

Where is the coolant reservoir for a 2002 dodge Dakota?

For the 98 it is right behind the front bumper between the driver side headlight and the radiator. Sorry if this doesn't help.

Where it the fuel pump relay on 92 dodge caravan?

Under hood, driver side, front side of strut tower, rear of headlight, mounted on inner fenderwell

How do you change the front turn signals of a 1999 Dodge Dakota Sport?

if you look in between the headlight and the turn signal there are two torque screws that have to come out and then it will just slide off

How do you replace the headlight in a 1989 4runner?

You have to take the front grill off to get at the headlight. Everything is easy after that.

Remove the headlight on 2005 Cadillac STS?

You must remove the front bumper to access the headlight.

How do you replace a headlight switch in a 2001 VW beetle?

I have been an auto tech for 20 years! The entire headlight assembly unscrews out of the front of the bumper. press on the headlight from the front and turn it counterclockwise to release it from the bezel!

How do you change the front turn signal bulb on a 2005 dodge ram 1500?

You have to remove some screws and then pull the headlight assembly out of its place. it is held in with a clip after all the screws are removed.

How do you remove the front headlight cover on a 1997 Biock Century?

Are you entirely sure there _is_ a headlight cover?

Does 1988 Nissan Pathfiner have a headlight relay?

yesit does, its inside the right front fender close to the headlight.

Does Nissan Pathfiner R50 have headlight relay?

Yes it does, its inside the right front fender close to the headlight.

How do you replace front headlight on 1997 ford econoline van?

Change headlight 1997 ford van

How do you replace the front headlight on a 2007 zo6 corvette?

Remove the wiring harness from the back of your 2007 Chevrolet Corvette headlight. Remove the headlight retaining bolts. The headlight will come out and can be replaced.

Can a 2010 dodge ram front clip fit on a 1999 dodge durango front end?


What are the squares on the front bumper on my Audi?

Headlight washers.

How do you change the front turn signal bulb in a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup?

you take the two bolts on inside of the headlight under the hood, then there is one behind the bumper cover at the btm of the headlight, take those out and when u do pull the headlight out and twist the signal bulb housing out and pull bulb install new one and put it back in

How do you remove the front headlight assembly on a 2007 dodge charger?

You need to remove the bumper assy in order to access the Head lamp, also be sure to by all fender covers clips before you do that.

How do you replace headlight bulb on 2000 vw cabrio?

how do you change front headlight bulb on 2000 volkswagon cabrio