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Yake the console out and clean the trans and brake linkage.

Around that time of production, these cars were coming out with safety devices, so the car couldn't be put into gear without first applying the brake. Most of these devices work off of vacuum. Your problem will involve a vacuum switch located on the brake pedal.

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Q: How do you troubleshoot a 91 Honda Accord with the shift lever locked in park?
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How do you open trunk lever without a key on a Honda Accord EX?

sledge hammer, crow bar, locksmith.

How do you turn on the high beams on a Honda Accord?

Pull the turn signal lever toward you. Do the same to turn them off.

Where is the OBD port on a 2000 Honda Accord?

It is located on the Driver side, underneath the dash board, look around where you pull the lever for opening the hood.

How to find the key code for 1991 Honda Accord?

You will find the key code like most 90 models honda. where the trunk lever is. first you remove the cover and pull out the key cylinder and imprinted on the side will be the key code.

How do you release the fuel fill door when the lever doesn't work on a 2008 Honda accord?

You can pull on the cable for the fuel door. The cable is located in the trunk behind the side panel.

Where is the diagnostic plug on Honda accord 2.0 se w reg?

in the center of the console located straight down under the radio. remove the center plastic door or plate, facing the gearshift lever.

Replace multi-function turn signal lever on 1998 Buick LeSabre?

lever pulled out, having trouble getting the lever locked back in place

What if you didn't pull the lever in the dungeon on Astro Knights Island?

You're not locked out until you pull the lever : go back in and pull it.

How do you repair a 2008 Honda Accord that is stuck in park?

Find the Shifter Lock Override Slot. It'll be under a cap. Remove the cap, push down on the lever inside with a nail file or something, and shift into neutral.

What is the lever on the right side of handle bars for on a 1984 Honda 185 3 wheeler?

The small black lever is the accelerator and the large lever is the front brake.

Where is the diagnostic port located on 1996 Honda Accord LX?

Location of '96 Honda Accord DLC portBeneath the radio, remove the ashtray, and look into the well below. You will see a Diagnostic Port, or you will see a plastic cover over it. You may have to move the shifter to LOW to access the area well enough to see it. Before you do, be sure to set the parking brake securely. You will need to turn the key to the "ACC" or "RUN" position to release the auto shift lever. Alternately you can insert your key into the shift lock release slot next to the shift lever.

Why 2004 Honda CRV steering column will not lock in place moves up and down?

If the lever that is supposed to hold the column locked in position no longer works get it repaired ASAP. This is a dangerouls condition in which to drive it. There are no owner-fixes for this problem.

How do i get into a locked Toyota Corolla trunk with no key?

Check if there is a trunk release lever on the left side of the drivers seat by the gas door release lever.

Is there an alternate way to open a fuel filler door on a 1993 Honda accord lx when the lever doesn't work?

In the trunk there should be a small cable with a tag attached to it in the same area of the fuel door, this is the emergency fuel door release

What is the lever on the side of the steering column on 1987 Honda accord lxi for it is located on the dash on the left side of the steering column and pulls out and back in?

It is for the tilt steering wheel. Pull it out and you can adjust your steering wheel. Push it back in when it is set at optimum for you

How do you troubleshoot the brake lights and shift lock lever on a 2000 Honda Accord 4DR 2.3 Liter?

The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 If unable to shift from park to reverse or D-4 and do not have brake lights then stop/cruise switch at the brake pedal bracket assembly needs replaced. Part #36750-s84-003 at a cost of $37.42 plus tax.

How do you unlock a bolt that locked foreward before reassembling the lever on a Marlin 336?

Just figured it out, thanks

94 Honda Del Sol si trunk release?

The 1994 Honda Del Sol Si has the trunk release near the driver side door next to the gas cap release lever. It does have a lock so both the gas cap and trunk can be locked when leaving the car with a valet. I hope this answers the questions as it is rather vague.

Why won't your Honda Del Sol door lock?

Hold door handle (opening lever) as if you're opening the door and then push lock lever to lock

I have a 1990 Honda Accord that's easy to break into. You can pop the trunk once in the car. How do I stop someone from breaking into my car's trunk?

there is a cable that runs from the trunk release lever to the latch inside the trunk. you should be able to disconnect it from the latch inside the trunk

How do you shift a 1984 Honda TRX 200 into reverse?

shift to nutral,then move lever to reverse

How do you remove the write protection on a memory key?

here it is, it is simple, just turn the disk over and flip up the small lever in the bottom right corner of the disk. there should be a locked and un-locked symbol, if you want the write protection off or on just flip the tiny lever up and down.

Where is the transmission range sensor on Honda cr-v?

The transmission sensor in Honda CR-V is located between the shift lever and transmission box.

How do you open hood of Honda crosstour?

To open the hood of a Honda Crosstour you have to pull on the hood release lever located next to the driver's side kick panel.

Keys locked in trunk of Honda Civic?

At the base of the driver's door locate the trunk & gas cap release lever, which can be locked for security. To disable the lock on the trunk & gas cap release lever; use a screwdriver to gently pry off the small square piece of plastic that sits atop the lock cylinder. On the base of the lock cylinder facing the driver's seat, there is a small metal latch. If you patiently feel around on the lock cylinder base you will locate it. Simply flip this small metal latch, and the lock to the release lever will be disengaged. Pull the release and voila, your trunk pops open!