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One thing you might try is to using heat resistant silicone. Take the capiler off removing brake pad apply the silicone around the highest edge of the capiler where it touches the brake pad. Apply a thin coat over the back of the brake pad. Let dry and reassemble. If chatter is what you are getting this may alleviate the problem it also should give the added tension. Use silicone sparingly.

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Q: How do you troubleshoot a loose front brake caliper on a 1999 4X4 Dodge Dakota even after pins are tight and the system is bled?
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What tool do you need to remove a 2001 dodge Dakota brake caliper?

a brake caliper tool (really)

What is the Caliper bolt size on 2000 dodge Dakota?

t-45 torx

What is a caliper on a Dodge Dakota?

Behind the wheel holding the disc brake pads.

What size Allen wrench for 2002 dodge Dakota caliper bolts?


What is the thread size of a 1997 Dodge Dakota brake caliper bolts?

9 mm by 1.25

What is the part called that the brake caliper bolts to on a 1998 dodge Dakota front end?

Hub Knuckle

What sizebolts hold on the front brake caliper for a 2000 Dodge Dakota?

If memory serves, 18mm. That would be the bracket bolt. The caliper bolt has a 9mm thread.

How do you Bleed the brakes of a 1987 Dodge Dakota?

from the furthest caliper from the master cylinder. Start with that one and move closer.

Do you have a Fuel system diagram for a 2000 Dodge Dakota?


How do you change the front brakes on a 1997 Dodge Dakota?

Jack up The Dakota and remove the wheel. Unbolt the caliper and slide it off, being careful that the hose does not get damaged. The brake pads can be slid from the caliper and replaced at this point.

Where is the inertia switch on a Dodge Dakota?

A Dodge Dakota does not have an inertia or reset switch. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

How do you fix a sticky caliper in a 2004 dodge Dakota?

If the caliper piston is sticking, replace the caliper. If the caliper yoke is sticking in its guides, clean the guides with a wire brush. Some caliper yokes make use of shims and bushings in the guides to reduce friction, these may need to be installed or replaced. Check with your dodge dealer regarding those shims.

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