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This depends on your problem. A couple questions in this faq deal with this already. If your hazards come on but don't flash, just stay solidly lit, then most likely it's the flasher relay.

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Q: How do you troubleshoot and fix a hazards flasher problem on a 91 dodge shadow?
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How do you change the flasher fuse on a 94 dodge shadow?

Pull the old flasher fuse out and plug the new one in.

Where is the signal flasher located on a 1987 Honda Shadow 700?

The flasher is under the l/h side cover beside the battery.

Where is the flasher relay located on a 2001 Honda shadow ace 750cd?


1993 dodge shadow turn signal blinks erratically erratic and dim bulbs fine flasher fine and hazards on same flasher flash fine Wiring or the Combo switch?

I had the same problem with my shadow. I had both tail light sockets and back up light sockets that were faulty due to a bad ground. I use a jumper wire and ran it to the grounding part of the socket to a good ground. When it fixed it I took the ground wire from the socket and soldered it to the side of the socket and it worked fine. The type of socket that this was used a 1157 or similar bulb

Can you replace a signal flasher on a 1983 Honda shadow with a car signal flasher?

Yes you can replace a bike flasher with a car flasher . I priced the flasher from Honda dealer they want $80.00 plus tax for it I bought a standard car flasher for $4.79 plus tax and it worked. (flasher must be three prong - Prt.#550 12 volt 20-1036-2 from Can. Tire.) I answered my own question by trying it and it worked.

Where is turn signal flasher on 1995 Honda Shadow?

I think that it is under the r\h side panel cover

You have an 1991 dodge shadow es with a 5 speed trans your problem is that you have no turn signals your head lights brake lights and flashers work no turn signals you changed all light bulbs an fuses?

Probably the turn signal flasher

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Where is the turn signal fasher located for Dodge Shadow ES 1994?

it is under the dash just left of the steering column it is a round flasher that helps the turn signals work. hope this helps

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