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First of all if you want to trust her then you have the right attitude for trusting her. And the answer to your question is very simple and that is, just to let it go that what you should do. It ain't worth it because after while in a few years from now you ain't gonna know why you didn't trust her. You'll be like " Damn......why the hell was I mad at you or why couldn't I trust from the jump." That is your answer. If you don't know how to do that thencontact me @ or /SexyTony or e-mail at

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How do you get someone you hurt love you again?

There is no formula for doing so. You can try apologising but they are unlikely to trust you again. Learn from what you have done and try to avoid doing it to someone else. Imagine if it had happened to you and think how you would feel.

What do you do when you don't trust your boyfriend?

If you don't trust someone there has to be a reason behind it. Is he a flirt and does he take your feelings into consideration? Has he done something in the past that you are afraid he will do again? Does he cover up his actions with lies? If you question his behavior does he explain without getting upset? Does he treat you with respect? If there is no trust in a relationship than it is time to move on. If you were hurt by him but believe he will not hurt you again the trust will come over time. But if you were hurt by him and did not get everything from him to put your mind at ease than nothing will get you to trust him again and it would be in your best interest to move on from that relationship. Trust is essential to any happy, sound relationship. If you can't restore trust - and that needs to be a joint effort, then it's almost certainly the start of a serious deterioration in the relationship.

Why don't you trust me?

You may have done something to hurt the person. If you don't know why then discuss it with him/her and see the reasons why this person has lost his/her trust in you.

How do you know if someone is using you and although the've hurt you u still want to be friends again should you trust them again?

look for little signs as if he/she calls you by the wrong name of if they get a jittery while with you just look for the little stuff and keep it cool. Only trust the person again if it is what YOU want to do. no,dont trust them again

Should you forgive someone if they hurt you?

It Depends if you trust that person if he/she would hurt you again. If you trust them , then forgive. Well if you dont, it's your choice mate. According to the severity of his offense. However, you should let him know his behaviour hurt you and assure him it wont happen again, because this time you were tolerant (forgiveness), but if it happens agan there are going to be consequences according to the severity of his offense.

Does it hurt more to get your nose done with a needle or gun?

* My nose was pierced with a gun and it didn't hurt at all but then again people tell me that you shouldn't have anything pierced with guns. * I had the needle done, and it hurt like hell, but it is supposedly the healthier way to do it.

Can I trust again going back to my ex who has ended it four times now he says he loves me so much but gets scared I feel I have little trust now and I have been so hurt by him in the past.?

It is best to move on without him at this point. He is obviously not ready for a relationship and if it has happened this many times it is bound to happen again. It is best you leave this before you are hurt again - do what is best for you!!

How do you trust your girlfriend again?

You hope she'll forgive you for whatever. If the trust is broken by her cheating then you can either.... A) forgive her and move on, don't bring up the past again (you can't keep bringing it up, you just hurt yourself every time you start to relive the pain) as what's done is done and if you are still together then you have accepted this and have chosen to stay with the person who broke your trust. B) Realize that once someone has broken your trust it is not likely that you are ever going to trust her again in a hurry, if ever, and move on to someone who will respect you enough to realize that you are worth more than someone who could be with someone else. Surely them cheating is a pretty good indication that they don't respect your feelings enough not to cheat on you the first place.

What to say to a girl who is too scared to trust you because they might get hurt?

Tell her to trust you that you wont hurt her.

How do we know we can trust you I mean you did say you can't trust people but how do we trust you?

when someone says they don't trust people its because they did once but were hurt or they think they're going to get hurt. if you want someone to trust you you have to trust them. ther's always a chance you'll get hurt but hopefully you will gain wisdom for next time

How do you retrust him?

Answer It's not easy trusting again after one partner cheats. Actually, it's very hard to trust again, but with time it will come back, but only if he proves he's worthy of your trust. I'd be lying if I said that on occassion you won't think about it, for sure you will, hey he hurt you, but that being said, yes you can learn to trust him again. Good luck,

Why won't any one tell me will sex hurt if you haven't done it in five years?

It might hurt a little the first few times you have sex again.

Do chips hurt if you just got braces?

Yes, my sister says so, she has braces and I have 3 braces on my back teeth. They do hurt to eat with braces the first week, but trust me, you'll get used to it. Hope this helps! :-)

How do you gain a girls trust when she is afraid to get hurt?

You have to prove to her that you won't do anything to hurt her. Show her that you really care about her, gain her trust

How can you get your boyfriend to trust you?

Answer Tell him that you would never do anything to hurt him, that you care about him too much to do anything that would hurt him, and then prove it. He will trust you over time. If someone has been hurt in the past or had people break their trust in them, it is difficult sometimes to just trust someone from the beginning and others have to earn trust that is given to them.

What does it mean when you dream about someone who hurt you?

depends what you're dream was about. if it was about them being mean they probably will hurt you again, and if they were apologizing or something that means that they want you back or are done playin 'games'

Can trust be rebuilt?

in some instances.yes trust can be rebuilt .because even if that some1 cheats on you or betray you or hurt you so much if that some1 really begging you to trust him or her you need to accept because putting trust to some1 is the best way you can do you need to forgive and to forget....ANSWER;Can it? it depends on individual and how bad the situation is. Trust is hard to get back after the first time it happen. It also painful to the betrayed person The person that hurt you will need to prove himself or herself that patience is the one that can be done.MY NAME IS JACOB LOESCHER, I CHEATED ON KAYLA MANGRUM AND IT WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE, AND SHE STILL HASNT FORGIVEN ME TO THIS DAY... I MISS HER AND LOVE HER. I'D NEVER DO IT AGAIN.

How can you trust men again?

It can be hard to trust men again once you have been hurt. It is important to regain that trust however. Without it, you will not be able to have a fulfilling relationship. Begin rebuilding trust slowly. Keep in mind that not every man is the same. There are good ones out there. Explain your trust issues to any man you may try to have a relationship with. Let him understand your feelings. Work on not being suspicious until or unless you have a good reason. With some time and practice, you can learn to trust.

How can i trust without getting hurt?

you have to ask yourself if it worth the heartache, to trust.... if it isn't worth the heartache then there can be no trust.

What do you do if your wisdom teeth are coming in and there is not enough room in your mouth?

You will have to get them pulled before they come in, they will have to cut open your gum and pull them out. Trust me, doesnt hurt, already had it done.

How can you not be paranoid over your boyfriend?

practice trust, wont hurt if you do. and if you say you trust him, you have to work on it.

What is the past tense of hurt?

The past tense of hurt is hurt - as in - the sailors were hurt when their boat capsized - or - that hurt do not do it again.

Can you ever love again?

Yes, anyone can love again. However, it just takes time. When someone it hurt by love, it takes the victim a while to get over the pain. For some, they lost their trust, others lost their self-esteem. Realizing what one lost when love hurt them is a minor step to being able to open up one's heart again.

Does nose piercings hurt?

when i had mine done, he said that my nose was very small but thick skinned. so, it hurt more for me but not that much. it is well worth it in the end trust me :) belly doesnt hurt if youre wondering that aswell. I have my double nostrils pierced and I got them done at the same time, and it didn't hurt at all. It kind of hurts when they pull the jewelery through, but other than that, I felt no pain at all

What can you do to regain your boyfriend's trust if you've never lied to him and he means the world to you and it hurts to know this and you really don't know what else to do?

You've broken the sacred vow of trust and that's a hard one to get back, but not impossible. If you regret what you've done and you really are trying then talk to your boyfriend and tell him that no one is perfect, they make mistakes and you have learned from your mistake. Tell him you love him and realized how YOU have hurt HIM! You might get lucky and he'll give you another chance and if he does, you'd better be good! It will take time for him to get over the hurt and to trust you again. Good luck Marcy