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Breaking that almighty bond of trust is a hard one to ever get back. It could take months to even years depending on what you did. Once a person cheats on their mate, lies in any way, that trust is gone, and, in most cases it's tough to get your mate to ever trust you again. Only time of really trying on your part will help heal her wounds. If she is willing to at least forgive you that's a start, but if she's told you she doesn't want anything to do with you, then consider this a valuable lesson in life and learn from it. It's time to move on then. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you try to make your parents believe you again?
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You should not have to convince your parents. A simple statement from you should make them believe you. If you are having difficulties telling your parents you are gay (because they won't believe you, for example) give it some rest then try again. It is important not to lose your cool. Be respectful and open-minded at all times when speaking to your parents. Hopefully, they will act the same way.

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