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There may be another way, but this is how I go about it.

1) Save your entire document as a .pdf file

2) Open the recently created .pdf (It will open in a new program)

3) Immediately re-save the .pdf file as a .jpeg file.

4) Use a photo editing software to crop out the white around the photo

And theres your .jpeg!

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Q: How do you turn a photo on Microsoft word into a JPEG image?
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How do you turn a photo from IPhoto to a JPEG?

If you want to use an image outside iPhoto you can select from the Share menu or Export from the File menu to save it as a .jpeg file.

How do you make an image a JPEG without photoshop?

There is no other way u have to have photoshop to turn the image to jpeg it will not work otherwise it will just turn back to its original form that it was in

How do you turn an JPEG image into a jpg image?

JPEG is the same as JPG. However if you really want to rename your .jpeg images into .jpg, you can go to Command Prompt, navigate to the folder of where your pictures are stored, and type in: ren *.jpeg *.jpg

Why do people turn a gif animated image into a jpg that is animated?

I don't believe that is possible, because JPEG files are still images. If you were tp convert a GIF image into a JPG image, it will no longer be animated.

How do you turn a JPEG image to 600 by 600 pixels?

Use Photoshop, open-->file-->new: you can set the width and height by yourself.

How do you convert an saved HTML image document into jpeg image?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean an embedded image in CSS using the data: method, then you need to pull that string data out into another file, and assign it the proper extension.But HTML doesn't have images. HTML uses images as external resources. That means that an image you've saved from an HTML page is almost certainly in a binary image file format already. (PNG, JPEG, and GIF are the most common.) In that case, you can simply use an online image format converter to take that image and turn it into a JPEG. (See links.)

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JPEG and BMP image types use different programs and algorithms to record and store the data. The BMP (bitmap) is the older format while the JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format is more recent. One difference between a JPEG and a BMP file is that the bitmap file is larger in size. This is due to the JPEG file being compressed which in turn causes a loss in picture quality.

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they may well be in jpeg format but there are other things saved in jpeg other than the pixels of the image, such as camera make, time of capture, aperture etc that can't be controlled manually, which are essential for the camera to recognise images as "it's own", and therefore display them in the playback. I've tried the same thing with my camera.

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