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place ice in a snow/winter biome, then it will turn to ice.

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Can you mine ice in Minecraft?

No. You can break it and it will turn into water.

Does both ice and water have definte shape or volume?

No ice can turn to water and water can turn to ice

How do you turn water to ice in minecraft?

It turns to ice naturally when in a snow biome. You can also farm ice with the Silk Touch enchantment added to your pickaxe. There are many simple contraptions you can build to mass produce ice blocks. See the link below for the Minecraft Wiki with video links.

Is salt water able to turn to ice?

No, salt water is not able to turn to ice.

How do you turn water into ice in second?

scientific explanition of how to turn water into ice in second

Why water turn into ice instantly?

Water don't turn instantly into ice; this depends on the temperature.

When water turn to ice it is what?

It is water in it's solid state, Ice.

How does water turn to ice?

water turns to ice by being frozen

What process occurs as pieces of ice sit in the sun?

the ice can melt and turn to water, or sublimation can occur and the ice turn to water vapor.

Why does ice turn into water when it is in water?

Since the water is at a higher temperature than the ice, it transfers heat to the ice. This in turn raises the ice's temperature above its melting point of 32oF which turns the ice to water.

Can you make ice in Minecraft?

Placing water in cold biomes will cause it to freeze and become ice.

When water is cold enough what does it turn into?

If the water is cold enough it will turn into ice.

How does ice turn into gas?

Dry ice, i.e. solid carbon dioxide, can turn into gas directly via sublimation. Ice from water can turn into gas by first turning into liquid water.

What happens to water when it is cooled?

the water will turn into ice

Can you drink what you eat and eat what you drink?

Answeryes, you can turn ice into water and water into ice

How do you turn water into ice instantly?

To turn water into ice simply fill a cup with water use a lighter and light the end of the straw put it into the cup for 5 seconds if you had the correct timing the entire thing will turn into ice

Is ice just water?

ice is water. its just that the molecules of water slow down the vibrations that are moving and they turn into a solid, and what you get is Ice

Can a solid turn into a liquid?

Yes Ice can turn into water

Why does water turn to ice?

when water turns into ice the atoms stops shilvering, the water gets solid.

How does ice turn into water and how does water turn into gas?

Ice turns into water when a room temperature is low (Warm, hot) . The ice melts and the and turns into water (In other words, 'Liquid'.) , and carrying on from that, the water evaporates and turns into 'Gas'.

How do you turn a ice into a gas?

put the ice in boiling water and wait.

Why does Neptune have no water?

It is so cold that water can turn to ice.

Can a solid turn in to a gas?

Sure. Ice can turn ito water and then into water vapour, a gas.

What will happen if you leave boiling water ice and tap water for a day in separate cups?

The boiling water will evaporate (turn to vapor). The ice will melt (turn to liquid) and then begin to evaporate (turn to vapor). The tap water will begin to evaporate (turn to vapor).

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