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Go to Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks and uncheck the "Data Enabled" box.

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Yes, the HTC One on Virgin Mobile can be turned to boost Mobile.

Yes, the HTC One on Virgin Mobile can be turned on to boost MobIle.

Get the Sprint phone unlocked - replace the Sprint SIM with a Virgin Mobile SIM - and you're good to go.

calarate it or turn the phone off then turn it back on

Yes. All you would have to do is turn off the phone you are currently using And purchase a new one then go through with the contract of the new phone then ... there ya go u have a new phone with virigin mobile :) hope it helps

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A lot of Virgin Mobile phones now have a GPS tracking feature added to their phones. They include the LG Rumor, which works in connection with location mapping services. Keep in mind though, there is a way to turn off the feature so a person cannot be tracked unless they are using 911 services.

How do you turn off parental on t-mobile

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No - although the handset will turn on if charged, you cannot make or receive calls, texts etc without a working SIM card.

how to turn the volume up on my t-mobile unity.

yes, mine always does, now it just completely wont turn on

To turn off wifi on an iPod Touch you tap Settings --> wifi --> turn slider to "off"

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To turn it off, you do the same thing that you do for turning it on. Push the small slider, located on the right hand side, upwards.

turn your phone on and click send on the message,

turn it off and then turn it back on

you can but u have to turn it off

To unlock your ipod touch you will have to turn it on then when you see your background slide the little slider at the bottom of the screen, or click the home button (under the screen) or click the sleep button (at the top of the ipod) then slide the slider. Hope this helped :)

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