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Toyota has two different ways to shut of the light. the first way is set your milage display to the actual mileage. turn the key off. push the odometer trip button and hold it while turning the key on several dashes will display when all the dashes disappear its reset. the other way is for newer Toyota vechicles they require the vehicle to be set to trip a..but that didnt start til 07' i think..your owners manual also tells you how to reset it.

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Q: How do you turn off the Maintenance Required light on a 2005 Corolla CE?
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Maintenance required light is blinking in a 2005 Toyota corolla?

needs oil change... needs oil change...

How do you turn off the maintenance required light on a 2005 Corolla S after an oil change?

Look in your owners manual. Instructions are listed.

How do you reset the maintenance required light on an 2005 Toyota Corolla?

set your mileage on your actual mileage reading, not a setting measuring your trip. Keep hold down the button until it resets itself.

What is the Maintenance schedule for 2005 corolla?

This link has your answer.

Is the maintenance required light on a 2005 Honda accord a sign of a problem or just a reminder?

The Maintenance Required Light is not the same as the Check Engine Light. The Maintenance Required Light is telling you that there is scheduled maintenance that needs to be performed. It may mean it needs an oil/filter change. To find out what needs to be done look at the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual.

What does maintenance required mean on 2005 Toyota Corolla?

According to the owners manual for my 2004 Sienna, all it means is that an oil change is due. You can google how to reset the light, in case the guys in the shop forget to.

What does the maintenance required light mean on a 2005 Scion tc?

it simply means it's time for an oil change.

What does maintenance required light mean on 2005 Toyota Camry?

HAs it had an oil change recently ? Also check oil level.

How do you fix maintenance required Toyota matrix 2005?


Why does your 2005 Toyota rav4 maintenance required light flash 6 times?

Needs complete coolant and rear differential fluid flush.

HowtoReset maintenance light 2005 Toyota 4Runner?

Check your maintenance manual. It's in there.

What is the procedure for turning off the Maintenance Required light on a 2005 Toyota Corolla S?

This is a brand new car. You have not already lost your owner's manual have you? This information is listed in your owner's manual. Don't have one, then get one. Sources are, Dealer, E-Bay, Salvage Yard, Google Search.

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