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How do you turn off the alarms on a Casio 1846 w 71 watch?

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Go to the alarm mode (AL on screen) and press the upper right button. This should turn off all alarms. Continue to press the upper right button to switch between the alarms, being sure to remain in the alarm mode.

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What is the reminder mark on a casio 1846 w 71 watch?

According the the manual, when on, reminder acts as a "string around your finger" each time you look at the watch. To turn on, press and hold the lower right button while in regular timekeeping mode, to turn off, press and hold the button again.

How do you turn the alarm on a casio watch illuminator?

To turn off the alarm on the Casio Illuminator watch, first click the mode button three times and hold the adjust button so that you are given the option to change. Use the mode button to change the minute, seconds or hours. The time memo button will make the time go down. The receive button will make the time go up. Click adjust to set and the memo button to turn it on or off. In the top right corner, it will tell you if the alarm is on or off.

How do you turn off alarms on barolo atomic clock?

shutting off alarm on barolo atomic clock

How do you reset casio keyboard lk-60?

This is how. 'Turn keyboard of for 5 seconds then turn it bak on and play"e-flat,g-flat,e-flat,b-flat,g-flat,e-flat,g-flat" then turn keyboard of and unplug and wait 5 minutes then plug back in in, wait 5 seconds and turn on. Your keyboard has know been reset'. Source: My casio LK-60 manual.

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How do you turn on a spy net watch?

You have to press the green button where it is located on the watch.

How do you turn off the alarm on a Casio 2926 w 753 watch?

press the D button to select which alarm you want to disable then look on the face of the watch between roughly where the 1 and 2 would be on a normal display and you will see a tiny grid. Use the B button to toggle through - the options are snooze, alarm, signal (hourly bleep) or nothing - a magnifying glass may help you

How do you turn off the spy net video watch?

I don't think you can turn off the video watch. It can sleep, but it wastes a lot of power.

How do you turn off alarm on watch?

one of the buttons on the side or face of the watch will turn it off, it varies by brand, see your owner manual for specifics

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How Do I Turn off Alarm on Athletic Works Watch ATHM4885

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Press the ST./STOP button and the LAP/RESET button at the same time and it will turn the alarm on your watch on or off

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