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If you mean in general you hit the "panic" butoon on your keyless entry. If you mean to disable completely then you need to find the fuse, I believe it is under the hood.

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Q: How do you turn off the car alarm in a 1999 Saturn SC1?
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Does a 1995 Saturn SC1 have a factory alarm?

my 1995 Saturn sl2 has a factory alarm, my daughters 1997 sc1 also has one

What is the radio code for a 1999 Saturn SC1?

1999 saturn sc1 , need radio code. 4 digit from radio is 1407

Is there a diagram of the rear brake shoes of a 1999 Saturn SC1?

Yes, there is a diagram of the rear brake shoes of the 1999 Saturn SC1. It is found in the cars maintenance or repair manual.

What are rear speaker size for a 1999 Saturn SC1?

6 and a halfs

Where is the fuel pump on a 1999 Saturn sc1?

The pump is in the fuel tank.

What size speakers are in 1999 Saturn SC1?

6 1/2

What does the coolant light look like in a 1999 Saturn SC1?

Its a thermostat in a fluid. Turn the key to RUN and youll see it light up

How do you install a cigarette lighter into a 1999 Saturn SC1?

u install it by bringing it to a mechanic

How do you change the wiper motor on a 2002 Saturn SC1?

How to remove the wiper motor on a 2002 Saturn sc1

Where are control modules located on 1999 Saturn Sc1?

Behind the instrument cluster above the pedals

1995 Saturn SC1 trailing arm?

The minimum price for a 1995 Saturn SC1 trailing arm is $50.

Is a 2000 Saturn SC1 a sports car?

Yes. The sc1 is a coupe.

How many quarts does and Oil change for 1999 Saturn sc1 4 cylinder need?

4.5 qts

Po404 and p1404 codes were pulled on your 1998 Saturn SC1 what are these codes?

What does code 1404 mean on 97 saturn sc1

How do you replace dashboard lamps on 1999 Saturn SC1?

Remove the instrument cluster then replace the bulbs. = =

Where is the starter relay located on a 1999 Saturn SC1 3 door coupe?

The starter relay is part of the starter.

97 Saturn SC1 stock alarm location?

behind/beside right rear seat panel. Follow the seat belt into the cover. It is near it

How do you turn off the service light on a 1997 Saturn SC1?

You fix what is setting the code off in the first place

1999 Saturn SC1?

Okay, you have a Saturn SC1.Another observation:It's a vehicle. It came with 4 tires, a glass windshield and operates on unleaded fuel. There is plenty of information about the SC1, but you really need to be a little more specific.

Does 1999 Saturn SC1 have a fuse for dome light and map lights?

Yes, all electrical parts in the vehicle are fused.

What is the sensor next to the transmission fluid filter on a 1999 Saturn SC1?


Where do you find a wiring diagram for a 1999 Saturn SC1?

I have one in my Haynes manual. Although the Haynes manual doesn't cover my 1999 SC-1 perfectly.

How do you replace the rear main seal in a 1999 Saturn SC1?

It depends on which engine you have. You may have to pull the engine or trans. Get a manual on your car.

Does a 95 Saturn sc1 have a low fuel light warning?

A 1995 Saturn SC1 does have a low fuel light warning. The light comes on at about 1/8 of a tank.

Where do you find the flasher relay in a 1995 Saturn SC1?

In the fuse pannel. You will have two of them in there and one is for your emergancy flashers the other is for your turn signals.