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Turning off the Maintenance Required Light on a CivicHere are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers:
  • I have an '03 Civic and I have the REAL answer right here. There's a couple of steps to follow, so here we go: 1: put the key in the ignition. Don't turn the car on or turn it. 2: next to the odometer is that little knob for the trip OD. press that in and hold it.(you'll have to hold this for the entire rest of the process, so I hope you ate your Wheaties this morning) 3: now turn the key two clicks to the II position. (are you still holding the trip button down? had better be..) do not actually start the car. 4: keep holding the trip button down and leave the key at the II position until the maint req'd light goes out. 5: don't get all excited. Keep that trip button pushed down while you turn the key back two clicks back to off and take the key out. 6: Ok Ok, NOW you can let go of the button. All of you that answered before, your hearts are in the right place. But the Hondas have changed since the 90s. I had an old Accord, and yes it had the little button that you can push right on the dash. But the new Hondas are reset differently. As far as I know, the proceedure I gave just now will work with any Honda, not just the Civic.
  • I have a 02 civic and the only thing I did differently was start with the key in the #1 position.
  • I have a 05 civic and the process above worked like a charm. (Just wanted people to know that the process works on 05 civics too)
  • I have a '97 accord and on the dashpanel, by the mileage/tripomemter is a small black box like thing, the key for the car fits right in and resets the light. Look in your manual, it will say in there for sure or contact the dealer, they should know. I know the '97 accord light comes on after so many miles have passed, and most places that aren't the dealer do not reset it so it will come on and I usually reset it myself.
  • I have the same problem and although I haven't tried this yet, I read in another forum that you should press and hold the select/reset button; then turn the ignition on and hold until the light goes out (about 5 seconds).
  • It's easy to do. The instructions are in your manual (page 65). It's different for 4 and 6 cylinder models. I have a 6. Here's how to reset the 2003 6: 1) Put the key in the ignition without turning. 2) Press and hold the odomoter reset button. 3) Turn the ignition key to the on position without starting the car, continuing to hold the reset button. 4) Hold the reset button until the light goes out - approx. 10 seconds.
  • Take it to the auto parts or the dealer if it is not in your book and have them reset it with the computer, or disconnected your battery.
  • Disconnecting your battery for a few seconds is a quick and simple way to reset the trouble codes in the computer.
  • I have a 2000 Honda civic, all I do is use a pen or key and push in the the slot beside the maintenance light. Not sure if you have that but you just hold it down and it flips itself.
  • I was lookin for the owners manual in this customers car and couldn't find it but your directions worked for my customers 00 Civic 4 cylinder also. NOTE Disconecting the Battery does not work and will also not reset almost any light in Cars that are newer then 1996 from what i have found. (OBD2 Systems)
  • Attention, when you disconnect the battery you may reset the radio anti-theft code and if you don?t know it you get into more trouble.
  • Ok first off the battery disconnecting "thing" does work but you have to disconnect both terminals and touch them together for 10-15 seconds for it to work. And I seem to se alot of people just wanting to turn the maintenance light off, it says maintenance required i suggest you get your maintenance done, that's why it's there. And for any of the non-car type people out there if you take your car to any dealer they will tell you waht need to be done and why the light is on free of charge... at least i know i would at my dealership. It's not that hard. Oh and as for the radio lock code it is again a simple phone call away for any dealer and you should not be charged for it. If someone is telling you otherwise then you should ask for the service manager or shop forman and they will get it done for you.
  • The solution for the 2003 V6 did work, Thanks. The dealer stated at least for a 2003 Accord this light will reappear every 7500 miles.
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Q: How do you turn off the maintenance required light on a 2004 Fiat Punto 1.9 JTD?
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What does maintenance required light on 2004 Honda Pilot mean?

It normally means you need to change the oil/filter. But it can also mean other maintenance is required. Refer to your owner's manual.

How do you turn off the maintenance required light on Toyota highlander 6 cylinder 2004?

Read the owners manual. It has step-by-step instructions.

How do you reset Maint ReqLight on tToyota 2004 Seinna?

A person can reset the maintenance required light on a 2004 Toyota Sienna by holding down the odometer trip button. A series of zeroes will appear, which indicates that the light has been reset.

Will a wing mirror for a 1999 punto fit a 2004 fiat punto?


What does the maintenance required light mean on a 2004 Honda Odyssey?

It means there is scheduled maintenance required based on your mileage. Can be just an oil change or can be something else like you need to replace the cam belt. Open your owner's manual and it will tell you exactly what is needed.

Does 2004 Acura TSX have a timing chain?

Yes, it has a chain. No maintenance is required.

When was Punto y Raya created?

Punto y Raya was created in 2004.

How do you turn off the maintenance required light for a 2004 Honda Civic Lx?

If you have done the required work to correct the problem, all you then have to do is remove the battery cables from the battery, wait 10 seconds then replace them. This will reset the check engine light. The above answer is incorrect. Removing the battery cable will not reset the check engine light. This must be done with an OBD2 scan tool. You said maintenance required light. Are you referring to the light that reminds you to change the oil. If so, you can reset this light according to instructions found in your owner's manual.

How do you turn off the maintenance required light on a 2004 Honda vp?

Press and hold the odometer reset button while at the same time turning the ignition on without starting the engine. After 5 seconds the light will go out.

How do you reset a 2004 Toyota maintenance required light?

same as a 2005 odometer OS on turn key off hold reset turn key on loght flashes then turn off

How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 2004 Honda CR-V Do you take it to the dealer This is 30K plus miles.?

How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 2004 Honda CRV Do you take it to the dealer This is 60K plus miles.?" Hold Down the trip counter button make sure it is on miles as you hold it down and have it down slowly turn on the key and that should reset it or just take the battery cable off if you don't want to go through all that.

What does the maintenance light on an Acura TSX 2004 mean?

that u are due for regular schedualled maintenence

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