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You just turn the button on that is located on the right and turn it up and you will see a green light. It is right towards the side of the PSP right behind the power label. If you've already tried that then it may be bricked.

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โˆ™ 2007-11-13 00:11:27
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Q: How do you turn on a PSP?
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How do you turn on your psp without a battery and the charger?

It's only possible to turn on your PSP with an adapter for the PSP or a battery for the PSP.

When you turn off your psp your games cannot be played?

When you turn off your PSP and turn it back on, it resumes where you were, when you were! (But pause it first)

How do you know if your PSP is charged?

The light actually does turn GREEN, but that is only if your PSP is ON while it finishes charging. It will turn Black if the PSP is OFF while it is charging.

How do you turn off your PSP?

Same way to turn it on.

How do you open xmb on PSP?

The XMB is open as soon as you turn the PSP on

Can you turn in your old PSP for a new PSP go?

no.It's inposible.

How do you turn on my psp 3000?

I just bought a psp 3000 silver light and it will not turn on AT ALL, So your answer may be "ITS BROKEN"

I can't get my PSP go to turn on?

I think you haven't charged your Psp or its maybe broken

How do you turn on psp e1004 wlan?

The PSP Street, E1000, does not have any wireless capabilities.

Can you charge a PSP with a USB when its dead?

No you cant because you would have to turn on your PSP and then go to USB connection so you cant turn on your PSP bye just plugging in the USB so sorry

Why doesn't the PSP turn on?

There are few reasons like: A: Not charged battery B: Broken "on" button in PSP C: PSP is broken D: PSP software is damaged.

How do you use a PSP?

you turn it on then look at the instructions

How do I fix a PSP that won't turn on?

Charge it...

What should i do if my psp won't turn on?

Charge it

How do you turn on the WLAN switch on a psp street?

There is no WLAN switch on a PSP Street, as it has no wireless capabilities.

What makes a PSP go brick?

To brick a PSP Go is to start a firmware update and then turn the PSP Go off because when it says not to turn the system off when it is upgrading you should not or it would result to a brick.

Can a PSP 2000 battery work on a 1001 PSP?

No, the PSP 1000 requires a higher amount of amperage. If you put a PSP 2000's battery in, it won't even turn on.

In gamestop can you turn in a fat psp for a new one?

If you mean will they give you a new PSP no, but you can get something (very little) off on a purchase of a new PSP

How do you turn javascript on for the psp?

i dnt think its possible!

What if your psp wont charge or turn on?

get a new one

How do you turn on WLAN on PSP?

first turn your psp on. Then go to settings and choose Internet options. Squeeze gently in the middle of your psp bar at the bottom. If this does not work dont feel afraid to squeze harder for PSP PHAT If this doesent work your psp is a built wrong , alert sony and say you the sqeeze method and they will send you a new one.

When you turn on your psp the green light turns on and then it turns back off?

Have you charged your psp lately? It could be out of battery IT DOES NOT DO THAT!

How do you switch on WLAN on PSP street?

The PSP Street has no wi-fi capabilities, so you can't turn wireless on.

How do you activate a psp system?

Do you mean "How do you turn it on?" It's simple. Do you see, on the bottom-right of your psp, on the side, the little switch thing? Just slide it up and then let go. It should turn on so long as the PSP is fully charged.

What is unbrick and bricked for the PSP mean?

a "bricked" psp means the psp does not have the correct files to boot up properly a bricked psp wont do anything when you turn it on to "unbrick" is to put the correct files on the PSP without it booting up normally