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How do you turn on rear wipers?

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Owner's manual. ANSWER On my 1995, the rear wiper knob is in the center stack of the dash , just to the right of the radio. I believe it is the same on 1995 to 2001 4 door Explorers.

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How do you turn off the rear wipers on a ford transit?

The control lever for wipers on the Transit is able to move up and down (for operating the front wipers), but also can be moved towards and away from the driver to control the rear wipers. Push the wiper lever away from you (while seated in the driver seat) to turn off rear wipers.

How do you turn on the rear windsheld wipers on your 03 Hyundai tiburon?

it is on the same lever you turn your front wipers on with but you twist the the last inch of it

How do you turn off the rear wipers in a 2001 volkswagen jetta?

how do i turn off rear wiper for my Montana van

How do you turn on the rear window wipers in a Ford Falcon AU wagon?

Use the same switch for the front wipers. Once the front wipers are switched on, the rear wiper will come on as well. However, a reverse twist of the switch would turn on just the rear wiper.

How turn on 2009 Chevy Tahoe rear window wiper?

It's located on the signal indicator. Turn the knob up for the windshield wipers to come on.

How do you turn on the rear window wipers in a ford escort wagon?

The wiper control arm on the right of the steering column pulls forward to control the rear wiper. Push in the end button to spray wiper fluid. Push up to turn wipers on with arm pulled toward you. Push arm back away from you to return to front windshield wipers. Took me forever to figure this out as this was a work vehicle.

Windshield wipers wont turn off?

A bad relay switch will cause the windshield wipers to not turn off. Replace the relay switch and the windshield wipers should turn off.

How do you change 2006 range rover rear wipers?

1. Turn on the rear windshield wipers. 2. Stop the wiper manually as it crosses the center of the window. 3. Lift the wiper blade up on the hinge as you would a front blade (this should de-activate the wiper mechanism and stop movement). 4. Change wiper blade. 5. Return blade to original position in which it was stopped. 6. Turn the wipers off then on.

How do you turn on rear windshield wipers on 92 Nissan Pathfinder?

I'm not sure if the 92's are the same as my 95 but you will find the switch on the end of your signal light switch (turn it)

If your wipers aren't working front and rear and you changed the fuse what is wrong?

Check the motor for the wipers.

Is it illegal to drive with no back windshield wipers?

No, because most vehicles do not even have rear wipers.

How do you time windshield wipers?

remove the wipers, turn on wiper switch, turn off switch, reinstall wipers @ bottom position torque nuts enough to secure the arm. turn on switch readjust as needed.

How do you turn on the headlight wipers on a 300e?

The head light wipers come on when you turn your regular wipers on.We own a Mercedes not because of people think its a status symbol,We have them because they are solid!!!

How do you turn the rear wipers off on a 2000 ford focus?

The rear wiper are turned on when you pull the wiper control arm (right side of steering column) toward you. Just push it back to the center position & the rear wiper will be off.

What if your rear defroster and rear wipers no longer work in your 97 4runner could this be a fuse problem?

Had the same problem. Make sure the rear window is all the way up. This is probably a safety feature? Your wipers and rear defroster should work.

1996 Chrysler sebring-no turn signals?

I just took my 97 sebring convertable in for no turn signals, wipers, rear defroster and radio. They replaced the ignition switch and now everthing works.

How do you turn on 1997 ford escort wagon rear window wipers?

According to a drawing in the 1997 Ford Escort Owner Guide : On the right side of the steering wheel column is a lever that operates the windshield wipers . On the inner part of the lever , towards the steering wheel , is a selector switch for the rear wiper / washer on the wagon

What is the size of rear wipers in the peugeot 206?

14 Inch

Is there a separate relay or fuse for the intermittent delay for the wipers on a 97 jetta your hi and lo wipers work but not the delay?

the delay on jetta wipers is different. the delay is adjustable. if someone set the delay very long, you will think the delay is not working. here's how to shorten the delay. turn the wipers to delay (one click DOWN on the stalk). immediately turn it back off and now turn it back on. the delay is the length of time you had the wipers off between the two on's. for a 3 second delay, turn the wipers to delay, immediately turn them off, wait three seconds and turn them back on. for a 6 second delay, turn them on, immediately turn them off, wait 6 seconds and turn them back on.

Which fuse is for windshield wipers in a 2008 Mazda 3?

Fuse number 53 (rear wiper) and 68 (front wipers)

You should turn on your headlights if you are using your?


What do you do when its raining and your driving?

Turn on your windscreen wipers.

What fuses are for the front and rear wipers and washers on a 2003 ford focus?

Front #56; Rear #43

How do you turn on headlight wipers in a 1989 Mercedes 300?

Wipers on headlights engage when wiper on windshield engages.

Why doesn't the wipers and right front turn signal work on my 2000 Ford Windstar LX?

Check the fuse for the wipers and replace the turn signal bulb.