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The air bag light is illuminating because the restraint control module has detected a problem in the airbag system. In this case, the airbags may not deploy in the event of a collision. The only way to properly "turn out" the light, is to get the problem fixed. If a technician were to disable the system or just remove the bulb, there could be legal problems later, especially if someone were hurt or killed due to this act. My recommendation then, is to stop by your local repair shop, and have it checked.

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Q: How do you turn the air bag light off on a vw golf gti 2000?
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How do you turn off air bag light on a 2000 golf?

You have a problem with the Air Bag system. Have a trained professional repair the SRS. He will reset the light when the system is repaired. Not a DIY repair.

How do you turn off the air bag service light on Volvo s80 1999?

Just turn off the air back service light..

How do you turn off your air bag light for your 2003 Honda Civic?

The light is on because there is a problem with the SRS (air bag system). Have this repaired by a professional and they will turn the light off.

How do you turn off passenger airbag on a 2000 ford windstar mini van?

my 2000 windstar sel you can not turn of the air bags.

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If you replaced the air bags with coil springs how do you turn off the suspension light on a 2000 Lincoln town car?

google it, there will be direction to cut a certain wire to make the light go away. There will be no damage done by doing this.

How to Turn off air bag light on 1999 ford explorer?

If your air bag light is on , with the engine running , that indicates a malfunction in the air bag system - get it checked out

How do you turn off the air bag light in Cadillac Catera?

I had problems with the odometer not working. When they replaced my cluster the light for the air bag went out.

Air bag light stays on in a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

Yes it does.

Will a bad oxygen sensors turn the engine light on 2004 olds alero?

Yes a bad senser in any vehicle will turn your engine light on. Even a performance air intake will turn your engine light on.

Is there a code to turn off air bag light on?

===Answer:=== Pull the plugs-if you're asking how to turn it off.

How do you reset air bag light on my mark4 golf?

air bag control module fault memory can only be checked and erased with diagnostic equipment

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Check suspension light on 2000 ford expedition what does this mean?

A malfunction with the air suspension system has been detected Most of the time it is because you have to much air in your tires or not enough in your tires, check your recommended tire pressure(psi) with an air gauge when you have the correct pressure turn your truck off and restart it the light will go off.

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How do I turn off my Jetta air bag light on after battery replacement?

1. there is something wrong with it or 2. the passanger is too light for the airbag to turn off.

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What are the reasons of service engine light in 2000 mirage?

Could be about 100 different things but first thing to check would be your gas cap If it is loose or not sealing it will turn on the light. Note If that is the problem after it's tightened light will still stay on for 2-3 days have you changed the air filter. I have a 99, the light came on because the air filter needed to be replaced.

How do you reset air bag light on 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

Have the SRS repaired by a qualified technician and they will reset the light.

Can you reset the airbag light on 2000 Chevy Venture?

The air bag light is on because there is a problem with the air bag system. Until the problem is fixed the light will remain on. When the problem is fixed the light will reset itself.

Air bag light on in vw golf?

you need to put down the code and the year most likely the clock spring

Where is the plug located to turn off the air bag light on 2000 accord several people have told you it is under the driver side dashbut you still cant find it please help?

The air bag light is on for a reason. That reason is that the computer has detected a problem with the SRS. Take this to a Honda dealer immediately.

How do you turn off airbag light 1999 Ford Explorer?

The air bag light staying on indicates a malfunction with the air bag system take it to a professional for repair