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what kinda of car do you have and i maybe able to tell you

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Q: How do you turn the maint light off?
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How do you reset the maint light on a 2004 4runner since the instructions posted for the 2003 model don't seem to work?

its the same, you have to follow the instructions to the letter! ________________________________________________ Make sure trip meter is on total mileage window. Turn key to off ign While pushing down and holding on the reset/trip button, turn the ign to on position MAINT light will flash a couple of times and turn solid again, turn key to off position Turn the ign to on position and the MAINT light should be off now.

How do you turn off a maint reqd light and the exclamation point light off of a Toyota matrix 2008?

Hold down the "trip reset" button with the ignition off and keep it pressed while you turn the ignition on

How do you turn off the required maintenance warning on a 2007 4 runner?

You may have to repeat this several times until you accomplish the task. Select the odometer total miles with the trip reset switch. Turn off ignition and then turn on again depressing the reset switch and holding it until the maint light begins blinking. Continue pressing on the switch until the maint light goes out.

How do you reset your maint rqd light on your Toyota Tacoma?

i think you have to push in the tripometer turn on ignition and then wait second, turn off the ignition and turn back on i did it once but cant remember all of it

How do you reset the maintenance light for oil changes on a 2007 Toyota 4Runner?

Turn the 4Runner on, make sure that you are looking at the "odometer" miles and not the "Trip" miles. Turn the 4Runner off, hold the "reset" button, turn the 4Runner On and the "MAINT" light will blink 3 times. Release the "reset" button and the light will turn off. This worked great for me but the light flashed 5 times then went off. 2007 SR5 4WD 16,000 miles recently purchased from dealer hopefully there is nothing else wrong/ FYI the manual told me that the maint light is for oil change.

How do you reset maint req light on a 2006 Scion tc?

Hold in the odometer knob (the one that you use to track your mileage) while you turn the key on then off and back on again, and the light should go off.

How do you reset service light for 2006 Acura TSX?

Hold trip reset button down then turn key on but do not crank engine over light maint. light will go off after a couple of second.

Why does your maintenance light flash when you turn your Acura RSX on?

Could be a couple of reasons...prob. the light cuts on every 15,000 mles for routine maint. In your manual it tells you how to cut it off

Don't have a manual how do you reset maint req light on 99 accord?

With the key in the off position, press and hold the mileage reset button. Continue to hold the button in, and turn the key into the accessory position. Hold button in until 'Maint Req'd' light goes out (about 5-10 seconds).

Reset maint req.d light for Acura RSX?

while the car is turn off hold the trip meter button for five seconds then insert the key and turn it to on position or II and keep holding the button till the light turn off, that should do it , if still comes on try doing t again

How do you turn off Maint required light on On a 1989 dodge 318?

pass side behind glove box little elec. box with reset button ,button is small

How do reset the maint req light on a 2007 Toyota Camry 2007 SE after oil change?

Set the odometer to the trip A setting, turn off the car, then turn the key to the accessory position while holding down the trip reset button, this should turn it off.

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