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Try clicking the e-brake on the first notch. This is common in Gm vehicles.

To disable the auto-headlight feature on your Camaro: There is a light sensor in the dashboard, just next to the red security light in the vent area of the center dash panel that detects light. This sensor must be disabled to turn off this feature. Using a flat blade type tool, carefully pry up the plastic dash panel just to the left and right of the oval vent area in the center of your dash panel. This section is held in place with Velcro fasteners. Be careful not to apply too much pressure when prying and do not raise this part of the panel up more than about two inches or you may risk cracking the panel. You can ease some of the tension by prying up the dash panel on either side by about eight inches. There are plastic snap type connectors holding the panel in place so be careful not to break any of them. You need only enough room to slip your hand inside to reach the sensor and remove it. Once the dash panel is raised, you will see the sensor sitting near the red security light. Pull up on the sensor to free it from its mount, then disconnect it from its harness. Once disconnected from the harness, push the sensor back into its mount so it will be there if you decide to re-enable it later and it won't get misplaced. The connector on the wiring harness will have a receptacle to accept the two pins from the sensor. Take a common paper clip and using the smaller end of the paper clip and wire cutters, cut off about 3/8 of an inch of the paper clip from either side of the little bend end. This little u-shaped piece will now insert directly into the connector of the harness where the two pins of the sensor went before it was removed. This will now provide continuity through the connector, telling the computer that there is outside light all the time and disabling the auto-on feature. Your head lights will now come on only when you turn them on. Place a piece of electrical tape over the exposed paper clip wire to keep it from touching anything metal then tape the end of the harness to the dash board so it does not flop around and rattle. Carefully replace the dash panel.

*** I'd also like to add (I'm not the same person who added the above answer) that there were no 2003 Camaro's. 2002 was the last year of the Camaro before the most recent Camaro's came out. ***

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Q: How do you turn the running head lights off on a 2003 Chevy Camaro Z28?
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Was there a camaro in the year 2003?


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