How do you turn your sims into mermaids in sims 2?

Currently it is impossible to turn your sims into mermaids.

You CAN turn them into, vampires, zombies, robots, werewolves and plant people, it is also possible to have alien babies.

To have an alien baby simply have a male sims stargaze with the most expensive telescope between 7pm and 2am, there is a small chance a UFO will come and take him away, he will come back pregnant and will give birth to an alien in three days, alien babies are just like normal babies except for their looks. The descendants of this baby may also have green skin.

To make a zombie, you need to have the phone that comes with university. It is a reward for the paranormal career. The sims you want to turn into a zombie needs to be dead. Get a normal sims who knew the dead sim to ring the grim reaper using the phone, pay him an amount between -, the sim will then be resurrected as a zombie. Zombies are blue and they hygene plummets quickly, they walk with a stagger and cannot have children, they also cannot age.

If you want to be a werewolf then follow these directions.First press Ctrl+Shift+C and type in the cheat box "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true".Second press Shift+click on the mail box and click on "force visitor--leader of the pack". Third become friends with the wolf with glowing eyes and he/she will nibble on your hand.Then at 8:00 pm you'll be a werewolf!You need sims 2 pets to do this.