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Actually to get to the Answer you have to type in the question. "how do you type" so u just typed. And that's how u type. :D HOW CAN U NOT KNOW THIS!?!?!?!?!

For pokemon you will knows the type (boy/girl) by the sign besides theirs name. For a boy its be ♂ and for girl it be ♀. Some pokemon may have no gender as they are strange or legendary. If you spot this do not panic call a helpline if you are beginning to panic. It may help save your life.

The types of blood are as follows: A, B, AB, and O. These can all be either positive, +, or negative, -. That's how you type blood.

8--> This symbolizes an organ on the male type of species. This is very advanced for new typers.

( . Y . ) Theses are breasteses

I ams gollumses. I am am an advanced typer, an staff sergeant typer.