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How do you unblur an image on Photoshop?


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June 11, 2010 4:06PM

Unblurring an image on Photoshop can be quite a tedious task.

If you're looking to unblur the entire image as a whole you can use a Sharpen Filter by going to the Filter>Sharpen menu on the top bar of Photoshop.

Each chosen option in the Sharpen menu gives a different effect.

'Sharpen' will sharpen your image only somewhat and will add contrast to the image causing pixellation if overused.

'Sharpen Edges' will do as it portrays and sharpen all but the centre of your image.

'Sharpen More' is much alike the 'Sharpen' option, but as it says, it sharpens the picture more than the simple 'Sharpen' option would.

'Smart Sharpen' gives you more flexibility in terms of sharpening than the above options, allowing you to decide which sections of the image you would like to sharpen and by how much, this includes the shadows and highlights of the image.

'Unsharp mask' doesn't have as much flexibility as the 'Smart Sharpen' but allows you to decide the extent of the sharpening and the extent of the added contrast.

Alternatively, to sharpen smaller sections you can back click on the blur icon on the tools menu to the left hand side and scroll down to the triangular shape which is titled the Sharpen tool.