How do you unclog a drain when a snake don't work?


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call a repair man [or] do it by hand;)

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A drain snake is a device used to unclog drains. A drain snake has a long, flexible metal cable, with a corkskrew auger or blades attached to the end, and is rotated in a downward spiral into a drain until it reaches a clog, then the corkscrew auger ideally displaces the clog as if "chewing" away at it.

Docotrs fix things if your sink does not work they unclog the drain they mak a sandwich an hour Docotrs fix things if your sink does not work they unclog the drain they mak a sandwich an hour Docotrs fix things if your sink does not work they unclog the drain they mak a sandwich an hour

You should pour hot water down your drain. Hot water will open up your drain quickly. If you don't have hot water put some on the stove and unclog away, and this should work.

You can try Drano. If it doesn't work, you may need to call a plumber.

Product you should use when trying to unclog your bathroom sink are products like drain-o. Drain-o works the best in my opioin. When you buy off brands they do not work as well.

I just mixed it at my work tryin to unclog a water fountain drain and it shot back out the drain and made bubbles

Yes, as long as it isn't a really bad clog. Put the baking soda down the drain first, then the vinegar. If you can plug the drain that will make it work better.

Bleach works in the amount of about one half cup poured into the drain, but you will have to air the bathroom for about a period of 2 hours.and allow the bleach to work for 12 hours.

Plumber's snake are used to dislodge all clogs, even those in the tub and shower.

Run a snake through it. Drain cleaner might work, but I wouldn't promise it.

Start with a plunger if that does not work you will have to use a snake, sold at any home improvement store.

Bring them to the work table in the work room

probably Acetone will do, but u will have to to get good quality one and somehow keep this cap in it bc it will take a while. dont breath in acetone!! it may be poisonous

no i would go buy some pipe cleaner 1st and if that dont work use a drain snke

== == If you are unable to clear the toilet clog with a plunger, you may need to consider buying or renting a toilet auger to unclog the toilet. They typically run around $40 to purchase from any major hardware store and will save you a ton of time. Insert the snake into your toilet and start feeding it into the drain to cranking the handle to break the clog. Once you get through the clog you should see the water go rushing out of the bowl, a sign of relief! If the plumbers helper didn't clear the line you need to get a plumbers snake. Outside your house in the area of the bathroom there is a cleanout plug. Unscrew the plug and rod out the drain line with the snake. If this doesn't work, call a plumber.

Plunging is always the first thing. Chemical drain cleaners usually work, but if not, you have to be careful dealing with the clog after that. Running a snake down the drain should get most clogs.

A toilet can often be unplugged by using a plunger. If the plunger does not unplug the toilet, a sewer or drain snake may work to unplug the toilet.

boil water... put it into a cup, rest your clogged ear over top of the cup. the steam from the boiled water will unclog your ear.

A plunger might work. The clog is most likely hair and soap, so a chemical, like Sodrox might clear it, too. The most reliable way is to run an auger through the trap and pull out the clog.

bleach might work a little bit better then water but your best solution is get a drain cleaner solution or snake out the line. cola or coca cola has been known to disolve cast iron pipes but I never heard of or tried it to clean pipes.

This method worked quite well on our sink. Put baking soda around the sink hole (it should clump up and slightly go down the drain). Then add a bit of white vinegar and flush around the sink. It should bubble and your sink should be unclogged. If it didn't work you can repeat till it's unclogged.

You have a partial blockage downstream of where the shower drain & the sink drain join into one pipe. You could try a thin plumber's snake, or add some drain cleaner, some bleach, or vinegar. About a liter of vinegar is the safest and should work well enough. Davis (

A plumber will unclog a blocked toilet. Due to the expense of calling a plumber you would be advised to try and clear the blockage yourself using a plunger or a plumbing snake to push the blockage through the toilet outlet.( A plumbing snake can be fashioned from a wire coat hanger). Another way to clear a clogged toilet is with baking soda and vinegar which is added to the toilet bowl and can help to clear blockages. If the toilet is clogged by a blockage that has occurred in the pipe work to the sewers then you will have to employ a plumber to solve the problem.

There is obviously a clog. Steps I would take: Use a plunger if that doesn't work, use a drain cleaner like liquid plumber if that doesn't work, rent a plumbing snake if that doesn't work, call a plumber.

The drain is plugged somewhat between the upstairs and downstairs. Need to snake the drains.

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