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I'm not really sure what you mean but if you need to drain it and the tap on the bottom is stuck, undo the clamp on the lower hose and drain it into a pan. If you meant the core is clogged, you are pretty much out of luck. Try an autoparts store for radiator cleaning solution or mix 50/50 water and CLR. Do not leave this mix in there long because antifreeze is what lubricates the water pump and you will eventually burn it up by running anything else but antifreeze.

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Q: How do you unclog a radiator so the water will come out without taking it to a shop?
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Can the water pump on a 1961 impala be removed without taking out the shroud and radiator?

just take the shroud off to give you a little bit of room to work leave the radiator in

Can you use baking soda to unclog the radiator on my mercury sable?

no. instead use arm and hammer washing soda diluted with hot water

Why is your 2003 impala not taking water from the radiator to the water pump?

stuck thermostat or a air bubble in the system. Or the lower radiator hose is plugged or collapsed.

How do you unclog water pipes with clogged water and dirt?

Water Jetting

What happens when there is no water in the radiator?

When there is no water in the radiator, a car can overheat. Serious damage can occur like a blown head gasket an warping if one drives for a long time without placing water in the radiator.

How do i unclog water pipes?

That would depend what is clogging them

How do you unclog plumbing vent?

Water Jetting works best

How do you unclog a galvanized cold water pipe?

You Don't .. You replace them

How can you unclog your ears if holding your nose and blowing does not work?

boil water... put it into a cup, rest your clogged ear over top of the cup. the steam from the boiled water will unclog your ear.

What would be the cause of water draining in the radiator without a leak?

blown head gasket

If there is water in the radiator then what?

there is supposed to be water in the radiator. your radiator is supposed to be evenly mix 50/50 with radiator fluid and water, preferably distilled water.

What should you do if water is dripping on the interior floorboardvs when the AC is on?

Unclog the drain.

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