How do you unclog a toilet that has soap in it?


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A bar of soap is going to get soft fairly quickly and should pass on through. A plumbers snake can be used to dislodge it and get it into the drain. Plunging the toilet should cause it to go one way or the other.

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If a plunger does not help in unclogging a toilet, use a mixture of shampoo and soap. Put it in the toilet seat, add half a bucket of water and flush it thoroughly. A shampoo or a soap can make it possible for the clog to move forward directly into the gutter.

By using a toilet plunger, or try the link below

No. It can only cause problems.

Toilet soap has cimicals in it that can harm your body. bath soap does not.

No I just did that yesterday and it clogged my toilet and it will not unclog for the life of me

I think the important question here is why the hell your toilet has meat in it to begin with!

what is the difference between toilet soap and bathing soap?

pull the toilet. Make sure the trap is clear on the toilet, and then snake the toilet line.

toiletsoap have high quality of fats and oil used for raw material laundry soap " cheap ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' toilet soap more and high perfums are added laundry soap cheap '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Hair will not clog a toilet unless there is something more solid blocking it. You need to take the toilet off the floor, out in yard and clean it from the floor end with a garden hose, and possibly even a 'toilet snake'.

YES! On my way to home depot right now to get an auger to unclog it.

Simply by flushing out debris and liter. It can also Unclog your toilet if needed.

A closet auger! ( Closet is in reference to a water closet or toilet) It can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

a mild soap that is less harmful,often scented and used for cleaning oneself

Soap, Toilet, Toilet paper, A Sink, Depending on the bathroom there could be a shower.

I don't think so because then it has nasty toilet water on it

A plumber will unclog a blocked toilet. Due to the expense of calling a plumber you would be advised to try and clear the blockage yourself using a plunger or a plumbing snake to push the blockage through the toilet outlet.( A plumbing snake can be fashioned from a wire coat hanger). Another way to clear a clogged toilet is with baking soda and vinegar which is added to the toilet bowl and can help to clear blockages. If the toilet is clogged by a blockage that has occurred in the pipe work to the sewers then you will have to employ a plumber to solve the problem.

You find an entry point and put an auger or drain snake into it. The entry point can be where a toilet sits on the floor (remove the toilet) or any "Y" point in a pipe that has a plug screwed into it.

You drag your person to the toilet first so they see it and then you can try two places. First place is in the laundry room where there is a plunger and duster. Second place is in the workshop.

pumace soap as used in lava soap, bbq grill rocks, and toilet paper for colored.

The removal of a bar of soap in a toilet depends on its location. If the soap is not very far down, it may be possible to remove it by hand, or rather by rubber glove. Next, try a plunger to see if the soap can be dislodged. If the plunger does not work, a couple of options exist. Sometimes the dissolution of soap can be hastened with hot water. So long as the toilet is not completely clogged, hot water may be poured down the drain until enough of the soap dissolves or is softened to finish its trip down the drain. If hot water does not work, try a toilet auger or snake. The end should wither break up the soap or pierce it, allowing you to pull it out. If this does not work, removing the toilet or calling a plumber may be in order.

After i was finished in the toilet i washed my hands with soap

Start with a plunger if that does not work you will have to use a snake, sold at any home improvement store.

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