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So, Far i have taken my car to Pep boys and they couldn't do it. I even took it back to the dealer and after waiting 5 hours they said i have to leave it so that they can dismantle the dashboard an that will take about 4-5 hours at $75 per hour...

so finally i took it to an airconditioner specialist. and he pulled the rug from the passenger side, made a hole on a plastic black thing on the front inside the passenger side. and placed a air compressor pistol and blew air into it. it worked for a bit. but he says its to clogged it has to be dismantle in order to fix the clog.

I asked a friend that knows how to install air conditioners on cars, and he said all i have to do is take out 3 screws from under the motor air and pulled it from under there and put a water hose full force to unclog.Im still working on that I'l let you know if it worked. so far its all unscrew but its a little difficult trying to get the motor fan out from there.

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