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you have to lift the dash there is two screws on each side by the doors. the you take off the plastic and then pop out the cluster and the is a plug that hooks into the back of the odonmeter display but if u disconnect it for trying to have a lower mileage it is only a display it is all digital the car still remebers and adds up the milage unless u disconnect the speedo cable from the tranny.

Why, so you can reconnect the odo. when you're ready to sell it (thus with a lower milage reading)? This is illegal.

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Q: How do you unhook or stop just the odometer on a 2001 Neon?
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How do you reset a computer on a 2001 Chevy Venture?

i'm pretty sure you just unhook the negative battery terminal and then rehook it.

If you tow a Beetle behind a RV does the odometer record miles?

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Why does your 1998 dodge neon speedometer drops to zero?

How come my speed odometer just drops and wont work and if i pound on the dash sometimes it will come back..

How much does a starter for a 2000 dodge neon cost?

I just had the starter on my 2001 dodge neon replaced for $300.00 parts and labor and it was ready within the hour.

How much transmission oil does a neon take?

I just found that my 2001 takes 6 qts atf

How do you change the cv-joint on a dodge neon?

you get a book for 20 bucks at autozone what i did i have a 2001 dodge neon tells you step by step instructions just for these type of jobs

Does the 2001 dodge neon have 2 fuel filters?

No, just one located in the fuel tank. It is a permanent filter.

How do you change the transmission on a 2001 Dodge Neon?

Just Replaced mine on my 02 neon and it cost me $1,960.00 for rebuild highly recommend buying new 1 for $1200.00 and doing it your self.

How do you restart your odometer?

You can only restart the trip odometer. There usually is a button on the instrument cluster that brings up the trip odometer or the regular odometer. Once you have the trip odometer showing just hold down that button for a few seconds and it will reset the trip odometer back to zero.

How do you retrieve a diagnostic code on a 2004 neon?

key on and off on and off on and off on the code will appear in the odometer window and will say "done" when they are finished do not start the car, just quickly cycle it on and off 3 times

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How do you replace spark plug wires on 2001 dodge neon?

Just like any other spark plug you just need to find the size of the plug and buy it.

2001 KTM 520 exc It was idling and just died it has no spark how and what to test?

I would first unhook the kill switch to make sure it is not shorted out. Next I would look at the stator.

How do you repair a 2003 dodge neon sunroof?

I would like to know as well.... I have a 2001 dodge neon and I need to get to the mechanics of the sunroof but I dont know how to get to it.... On my sunroof everytime you try to close it, it just sound like the gear is just griding but it will open with no problem but does not close....

What does it mean when a 2001 jeep just shut off while driving and the battery was not bad and dash said no bus?

no bus in odometer led is lost communication from computer or computers

Can you unhook service engine light on Chevrolet 1500?

Why? Just reset it.

If the odometer does not work on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird will this effect the operation of the transmission?

no it will work just fine. my 95 bird's odometer doesnt work but my cruise and trans work just great!!

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How do you disconnect the odometer on a 2004 Toyota Tundra?

The odometer is electronic, there is a plug in on the back of the speedometer, however the plugin for the odometer also may power other controls, so this may not be a good idea. I dont know why your trying to stop the odometer but your out of luck the computer keeps track of your information your odometer is just a read out like a monitor

How do you change 2001 infinity i30 alternator?

You must take the alternator out from the bottom of the car by first unbolting the compressor. You don't have to unhook the hoses, just unbolt it so you can get the alternator out from the bottom and have a little wiggle room.

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How do you reset the odometer on 1998 Pontiac Sunfire?

AnswerThe 98 Pontiac stores the odometer in the instrument panel cluster. The odometer can be reprogramed either by the dealer or there are companies that will re-program it for you (seach google, there are lots). Or you can buy the odometer programmer for about $1000 but its cheaper to just send the cluster module in. (not only is it legal to reset the odometer; its required in most states when you replace the engine. The odometer is required to reflect the mileage of the engine *NOT* the vehicle)

Does the odometer on a 1998 Subaru Forester have a 100000th place?

The odometer on a 1998 Forester, just as any other modern car, has a million-mile speedometer.