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How do you uninstall Internet Explorer?

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* Method 1: Use Add or Remove Programs * Method 2: Use


_________________________________________________________ Click on

the start menu in windows (the one in the bottom corner left of

most desktops).

Click on the one listed as control panel (depending on version

of windows and configuration it should be right hand side of menu

toward the bottom).

Depending on version of windows and/or configuration look for

"Add/Remove Programs" or just "Programs". Under the one listed as

"Programs", you should see a link named "Uninstall a Program" or

similar, click on there. If you see "add/remove programs", click on


A box should appear and populate itself with all current

uninstallable programs on your computer. Careful what you uninstall

as the wrong thing may make your machine or certain programs

unstable. Look for an option named"Show updates" near the top and

click this.

Then just find the program you wish to uninstall in the list and

click uninstall or change/remove depending on version. Answer

You can uninstall intenet explorer 7 using

Add and remove

using Revo uninstaller ( it will delete all the registry entries

of the intenet explore )

Answer: Depend,which are you using internet explorer......? Go to

start menu>control panel>then you uninstall internet explorer

from here.

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