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How do you uninstall Windows XP Pro from safe mode?

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I don't believe that it is possible to uninstall the operating system that you are working in. If you really want to get Windows Xp off of your computer, find a DOS boot disk, boot the computer up in DOS, and then format the hard drive. But I suspect that you really want to uninstall something besides the Widows XP operating system, and you have not described it very well. If you are simply trying to get out of "SAFE MODE", then click "start," click "run," then type "msconfig" in the box. Click the "boot.ini" tab and make sure "SAFEBOOT" is not checked. You may also click the "General" tab and select "Normal Startup." Click "Apply" and the comp will ask to shut down-let it do that, and you should be out of SAFE MODE. I hope you will be replacing Windows XP with another operating systems immediately or your computer will not function. This is the operating system that runs your computer. If you want to go to Vista then simply buy the upgrade and run it(it self installs). If you want to load a different OS other than that you would simply format your hard drive.

2009-05-23 15:51:59
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Q: How do you uninstall Windows XP Pro from safe mode?
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How do you get into windows xp pro if you have forgotten your administrator password?

If you press f10 when the computer is starting up, and launch safe mode, you can access a password-less administrator account

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You will need to go to uninstall programs from the control panel to uninstall Windows 7 Home Premium. You will no longer need Windows 7 once you have upgraded to Win 8 Pro.

How do you uninstall Windows XP Professional if it is not in the Add-Remove Programs list?

Windows XP Pro is not a program, it is the OS (operating system), as such it will not be found in Add/Remove programs unless you have upgraded from a previous OS such as 98. If this is the case do this to uninstall XP. # Start your computer to Safe Mode with Command Prompt. You must log on as an administrator or a user that has administrator rights. # At the command prompt, type cd\, and then press ENTER. # Type cd\windows\system32, and then press ENTER. # Type osuninst.exe, and then press ENTER. # Follow the instructions on the screen to begin uninstalling Windows XP from your computer to restore the previous operating system. Maybe you are not upgrading from a previous Windows OS? You can uninstall Windows XP when you install another OS or reinstall XP. Just format the harddisk. Simple.

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You Can use Windows media centre product key for windows xp pro as windows xp media centre is basicaly windows xp pro No, only xp pro product keys can be used for xp pro computers

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What is diffrenat Windows Vista and xp pro?

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Where can you find client services for netware in ms windows xp pro sp2 and how to uninstall it?

goto start -> settings -> control panel -> network connections -> local area connection 1 -> there should be a list of protocols. find netware in the list and hit remove or uninstall, can't remember which.

What are the diffrences between windows 8.1 and windows 8.1 pro?

The differences between windows 8.1 and windows 8.1 pro is that with the Pro version the three main differences are: 1) a system running Pro you can join a Domain 2) Pro comes with Bitlocker which allows you to encrypt your drive(s) 3) if the system is running PRO, you can Remote Desktop into that computer

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"How to get Windows 10 pro "?

To get Microsoft windows 10 pro you need to purchase it from Microsoft but if you are for looking for Microsoft windows 10 pro any computer related product you can visit Digital software market in which you get offers and discount.

It says daemon tools doesnt work on this version of windows everytime I try uninstalling it. How do I uninstall daemon tools pro?

The easiest way - is to use the 'add and remove programs' feature in Windows. In Windows 10 - go to Control Panel > Programs & Features. This will list all programs on the computer. Select the one you want and click uninstall. You may have to re-boot your computer after it's finished uninstalling to remove any residual files.

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If you bought a used PC with Windows 2000 Pro and upgraded it with a bad CD to Windows XP Pro how do you uninstall Win XP and reinstall Win 2000?

There are many ways to sort out your problem...but the best way i believe to completely format the hard drive...and reinstall a new OS on a newly created takes longer but at least you know that you are starting completely new...