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First off why would you want to...XP Pro is so much nicer. Further, It depends on how the latter was installed. It is likely that there are common file that if removed could render the other non operational. Note: It is not possible.

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Q: How do you uninstall Windows XP Professional after successfully installing Home Edition on the same drive?
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Do I need to uninstall Microsoft office 2007 student edition before installing Microsoft office 2007 professional edition?

No, you can upgrade over student edition. However, uninstalling and reinstalling is wise way.

How can you uninstall Windows XP-Professional after successfully installing Windows XP-Home Edition in a different drive?

Go to your command prompt of the drive with Professional & put in the 3 1/2 Floppy "Start-Up" disk. Type "FDisk" in the command prompt and it will give you a series of options, one of them being "Uninstall Windows XP." From there, follow the steps to uninstall. Solution: 1: Restart the computer presess del or F2 function key open bios. select first boot device CD ROM of DVD ROM and then press F10 function key and then press Y key. 2: Insert 98 bootable disk and boot from CD ROM. 3: go to in 98 directorey and then format OS drive and another drive. then restart the computer . and insert windows home edition CD and boot. and install home edition.

What are the editions of visual basic?

there are three edition of vb, they are, *learning edition *professional edition *enterprise edition.

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Is avast free?

avast home edition is free but not the professional edition

What Windows XP Edition is used for high-end gaming computers?

Professional x64 There is no particular edition suited for gaming. Both the Home Edition and the Professional Edition offer the same features and performance in relation to games.

Which one is better winows xp home edition or windows xp professional?


Uninstall Google widget?

My google toolbar has 4 widgets installed on it. They are not as advertised and I want to remove/uninstall them. I have a Dell XP Media Edition Computer with Internet Explorer. Thanks. Carole

If you uninstall halo custom edition and reinstall it do you lose all the maps?

Sadly yes but you can save the maps in another file and then put it back in the custom edition you reinstalled.

Where can one purchase Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003?

There are a few different places where one can purchase Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, one can find it on amazon or on eBay. One can also find Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 on the Microsoft website.

How do you uninstall AVG free edition?

Go to Start and then All Programs. Find AVG and use the uninstaller that came with.If you cannot find the uninstaller, go to Start, Control Panel and uninstall it from there.

Is MiniTool Partition Wizard free of charge?

There is a professional edition which costs money, and there is a home edition which is free.

How many products are in the Windows Xp family?

There were 10 products in the Windows XP family of operating systems. These included Windows XP Home, Professional, Media Center Edition, Tablet PC Edition, and the Professional x64 Edition.

What is the difference between Microsoft office basic edition and Microsoft office professional edition?

the basic edition also known as the educational edition one cannot compile programs

How many editions of Windows XP are available?

1. Windows XP Starter Edition -This edition was for first time PC users in developing countries. This edition will only run three applications at once. 2. Windows XP Home Edition -This edition was for home users, and replaced Windows 9x/ME. 3. Windows XP Home Edition N -Windows XP Home Edition N was a special edition for the European market without the media player. 4. Windows XP Professional -Professional was for both businesses and home users, and replaced Windows 2000 Professional. 5. Windows XP Professional N -Professional N is a special edition of XP Professional that was for the European market without media player. 6. Windows XP Media Center Edition -Windows XP Media Center was a version for Media Center PCs with an easy to use interface and remote control support. 7. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition -Windows XP Tablet was a version for Tablet PCs with pen and speech capabilities. 8. Windows XP Professional x86 Edition -Windows XP Professional x86 Edition was strictly for AMD64/EMT64 64-bit processors.

Which edition of Windows XP supports 64-bit applications?

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

Free download of Microsoft professional edition 2003?


Microsoft Visio 2000 Professional Edition download?


How can you uninstall Nero 7 ultra edition from vista when windows installer has stopped working?

Which programs are included in the Office Professional 2007 Edition?

There are many programs included in the Microsoft Office Professional edition for 2007. These include Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access.

How to remove xp professional and use xp home edition?

You can not simply remove the Professional option from XP and revert back to Home. To take a machine from Windows XP Professional to Windows XP Home you would first need to wipe the machine (format the hard drive), then reinstall the Windows XP Home operating system. It makes little sense to do so, however, because Windows XP Professional is a hardier operating system and can perform better network tasks than Windows XP Home. Windows XP Professional Edition is the business edition of Windows XP Windows XP Home Edition is the home edition of Windows XP you cannot replace XP Professional with XP Home Edition unless you erase the windows installation and start over why would you want to do this XP Professional contains all the features of Windows XP Home Edition

What are the different versions of Windows XP?

The different versions of Windows XP are: (1) Windows XP Professional (2) Windows XP Home Edition (3) Windows XP Media Center Edition (4) Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (5) Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (fka Windows XP 64-bit Edition)

What is the most popular edition of Windows XP?

Windows XP Professional